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After dropping off pal and fellow anorexic Nicole Richie at an L.A. tanning salon on Sunday afternoon, Mischa Barton got into a fender bender… in Richie’s Mercedes SUV.

Clearly annoyed and a little shaken, the former star of The OC then pulled into a gas station, exchanged car insurance information with the couple she bumped into and refilled Richie’s tank, according to a source.

We’re surprised to hear that the emaciated Mischa has the strength needed for pumping gas, but you learn something every day. Anyway, there is more to this celebrity car crash story.

Mischa and Nicole’s new mystery BFF, Carlos Lopez, who happens to show up wherever they are, just happened to be at that very same gas station when Barton arrived, ready to lend a helping hand.

This Lopez fella sure does have a knack for showing up wherever there’s paparazzi. He’s like a less-greasy, more Hispanic Brandon Davis.

Seriously, how did Lopez know when and where to find his skinny damsel in distress? Is he just looking to get his name on the gossip websites, or is he trying to make a move on Barton only weeks after she’s seen Cisco Adler naked?

Only time will tell, Gossip followers. Only time will tell. One thing’s for sure, though – he’s better off pursuing Barton, since Ms. Richie may end up doing hard time.