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So right when you get out of rehab, and you’re at that delicate stage where you’re “trying” to be “sober,” the first person you really want to call is obviously Paris Hilton.

Yes, it’s true. Lindsay Lohan‘s decision-making is at its zenith.

TMZ spotted the Gruesome Twosome (and two-thirds of last year’s famed ho train) leaving Les Deux nightclub in L.A. on Friday, and only one evening later, Lindsay was spotted at the hot new nightclub Area.

Lindsay and Bader Image

Maybe she was just there to grab a quick decaf latte and read a good book. You don’t want to jump to conclusions, people – the girl is working hard to turn her life aroung. Oh, who are we kidding. She was on the prowl for a lil’ B&B – booze and Brody Jenner.

Way to stay on the wagon, Lindsay. What’s next? A newly clean Tara Conner dialing up Katie Rees? Wow, that’s a compelling thought. The Gossip sure hopes that takes place.