Own an Antonella Barba Photo ... on Toast

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You can't make this sort of thing up.

Some idiot is selling a piece of toast on eBay that he claims resembles an Antonella Barba photo.

Even more idiotic? The leading bid - as of 10 a.m. EST - is $7.50. So someone out there is willing to take money that could easily be spent on a night with Kim Kardashian and purchase a mold-ridden slice of bread instead.

Perhaps this individual isn't aware that you could check out a slew of Antonella Barba pictures on our website right now ... for FREE! It's an amazing concept, we know.

We're not even sure what else to say about this; other than to point out that paying money for this item is crazier than thinking a Star Jones guest starring turn on your TV show is a good idea.

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