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It’s been six months since The Hollywood Gossip made its debut on the World Wide Internets. From single, humble post about Lindsay Lohan grew a giant, a website so jam-packed with celebrity news, rumors and breasts that some days, we can barely make sense of it all.

On this special six-month anniversary, T.H. Gossip would like to thank you, the fans who make us one of the fastest growing celebrity gossip sites on the web.

Now let’s pause and take a look back at some of the unforgettable, marquee moments that have defined the first six months of THG:


If the last six months have taught us anything, it is not to underestimate the power of the celebrity sex tape.

All it takes is one of those things to get the tabloids buzzing and bring a D-List star back into the limelight – and make lots and lots of money for David Hans Schmidt.

While the Dustin Diamond sex tape is the only confirmed amateur porn video made by a “celebrity” in THG’s time (and probably the first to feature the Dirty Sanchez), there were rumors of similar porn involving Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson and others. Not to mention some Marcia Cross nude pics that Schmidt somehow got. That guy is a sick, sick bastard.


Thursday, July 27, is a night that will live in Hollywood Gossip infamy. Even in the crazy world of celebrity news, there may never again be a story quite like the drunken driving arrest-turned anti-Semetic tirade brought to us by Mel Gibson that evening.

Rest assured, however, that former Seinfeld star Michael Richards (and to a lesser extent, Andy Dick) are trying like hell to grab a piece of the pie. Racist and disturbed as said pie may be.


So many to list, so little time. We’ll stick to the most popular. We were predicting that little Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt would be the most talked about celebrity baby ever. But what Shiloh embodies in cuteness, she lacks in controversey. TomKat refused to release any pictures of Suri Cruise for, like, ever, leading some people to think the little Asian sweetheart didn’t even exist. Things got even weirder when Britney’s second son, Jayden James, was originally thought to have been named Sutton Pierce Federline.

There were others, too, of course. Thijs is one of them.


Tom Cruise. Katie Holmes. It’s all we heard about for months, and despite getting left off the invite list (thanks guys), we were thrilled to cover the Italian gala as only we could. From very far away, and ripping those crazy, fun-loving Scientology worshippers at every turn.

As for other weddings… were there any other weddings? TomKat seems to occupy all our available brain cells. As we’ve seen in recent months, people steadfastly stating they are not getting married is the new thing, even if they’re happy and in love (and sexy!) like Brangelina.


Perhaps the most popular topic of any day at T.H. Gossip. Couples seem to be splitting up faster than Nicole Richie sheds pounds or Paris Hilton’s panties come off after a night at Hyde. The last six months marked the end of some couples we thought would never break up – and some that didn’t exactly shock us by parting ways.

Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody, a cute couple on and off the set of The OC, recently confirmed they’re done. Sadly, the same can’t be said for their television show. Denise Richards dumped and got a restraining order against Charlie Sheen (who loves him some drugs and hookers), though they’ve agreed to divorce amicably since. Ryan Phillippe couldn’t stand his wife’s higher salary and greater fame any longer, possibly cheating on her with Abbie Cornish.

Back in early summer, sir Paul McCartney and his gold-digging, one-legged former “instructional sex tape” star/wife Heather Mills announced their split.

A lot of funny stuff followed – mostly related to Mills’ tawdry past. Many more juicy tidbits about Mills having sex with Arab arms dealers is still to come. While all this was going on, Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock got married, only to call it quits after a whole three months of wedded bliss.

Oh, and Britney Spears is single again and partying a lot after announcing she plans to divorce K-Fed. Maybe you heard?

In closing, we’d like to once again thank our fans, and the celebrities themselves, without whom this wouldn’t be possible.

We dedicate the next six months to Peter Sarsgaard. Peace.