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Looks like somebody’s getting a lump of coal this year fo’ shizzle.

After a fun shopping spree yesterday in West Hollywood, the lovely Nicole Richie took time to visit Santa. Then, the brittle anorexic “actress” waved to the children standing in line. With just one finger. That we’ve censored here out of common decency. See below:

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Not only is she flipping the bird in front of a bunch of little kids, if you look at her lips, it appears as if she’s ready to scream “f*%k,” or some other word starting with “f.” We know “food” isn’t an option, as recent Nicole Richie pictures will attest.

Just sickening. Not eating is one thing, but displaying such vulgarity in public (in the presence of little kids) is deplorable. This may not be as stunning as the Britney Spears nude pictures we found earlier this week, but it was more deliberate. Classy, Nicole. Classy.