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Estranged wife and possible former call girl Heather Mills McCartney has been taking quite the spanking by the press of late, but she believes it could soon get a lot worse.

Mills is apparently concerned that she may be assassinated like late Beatle John Lennon. The 38-year old, soon-to-be ex of Sir Paul McCartney fears she will be attacked like his former band mates Lennon and George Harrison, who was once stabbed by a crazed fan.

The model and animal rights activist is also concerned about the safety of her two-year old daughter with McCartney, Beatrice. Mills has been spotted railing against passers-by and paparazzi outside her home, presumably due to how upset she is regarding stories about arms dealers railing her.

“John Lennon was shot and George Harrison was stabbed and loads of kids are kidnapped,” Mills said. “People are pursuing me round the country. I said stay away from my baby. I have a catalog of evidence.”

The star of “Sexual Secrets,” who has been staying with her sister since splitting from Paul, is clearly having a rough go of it, with her frequent outbursts sparking concern among friends about her mental state.