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In case you haven’t heard, Britney Spears has received a lot of flack for flashing her naked nether regions for the cameras last week.

Amy Poehler spoke for most of mankind when she told Brit put some gruff back on that muff. If she does, however, it won’t helpthe business of Cindy Barshop very much.

Barshop owns Completely Bare Salon. Like every other male you pass on the street, she’s gotten a very up close and personal look at the private parts of Paris Hilton. With that in mind, Us Weekly actually interviewed the waxer.

Carter Reum, Wife
Photo via Getty Images

Us: Do either Paris or Britney come in for bikini waxes with you?
CB: Paris is a customer of ours. I haven’t done Britney, but we do see Paris for bikini waxes.

Us: So what is the hot trend in bikini waxing now?
CB: The Brazilian bikini wax was hot about 5 years ago, but for the past 3 years, the completely bare has been the big celeb trend in bikini waxes.

Us: What’s the difference between a Brazilian wax and a completely bare?
CB: Completely bare takes everything off. The Brazilian usually leaves a square and oblong shaped patch of hair.

Us: So I know you’ve heard about Britney flashing her naked hair-free private parts to the photographers. Why do you think people are moving towards a completely bare wax?
CB: I feel that if you do a completely bare wax, you feel cleaner, more comfortable and more groomed…it seems a little sexier.

THG NOTE: And a whole lot slutteier!

Us: So why do you think celebrities are skipping the underwear and going commando?
CB: I think that with the completely bare waxing, they just feel comfortable enough with their bodies that they can skip the underwear. And oops if they do happen to flash someone, it’s not as embarrassing because the area is groomed.

That’s like saying oops, Beyonce called Jennifer Hudson fat. We’re sure that was as accidental as Paris and Britney strutting every inch of their skanky stuff.