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A couple of dudes on Britney Spears’ payroll acted as her reinforcements in Hollywood on Thursday night.

A pair of former Britney Spears backup dancers and her tour choreographer accompanied the newly-single star and party animal into Area nightclub in Los Angeles, where they met up with the rest of the Ho Train – also known as the unholy triumvirate of pain – Paris Hilton and Firecrotch Lindsay Lohan.

While Brit can be seen holding hands with one of the guys, the two are just friends (see pictures below). Same with her and Brandon Davis. At least we hope to God that this is the case.

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

Britney, Lindsay and Paris spent the night going buck – wild, that is, not naked. Although would you have been surprised? T.H. Gossip certainly would not have been. Spears has clearly gone wild after filing for divorce from Kevin Federline last month, leaving us worried that she’s in need of some counseling.

The problem is, anyone who might be close enough to tell Britney to get things in order is also on the payroll, thus not wanting to bite the hand that feeds them, so to speak.

Her mother, Lynne, who’s being supported by her daughter, has all but given up trying to get Brit to shape up. Father Jamie, meanwhile, has always stayed in the shadows.

Then there’s sister Jamie Lynn Spears, who may look a lot like Kristin Cavallari, but is of no help to big sis at this stage. And forget about Brit’s first ex-husband, Jason Alexander. That relationship clearly went sour. He’s writing a book about her, though.

Could K-Fed have actually been a steadying force in her life, or is this wild streak a direct response to his banging the living hell out of Kendra Jade – or simply acting like a complete ass clown for the 25 months they’ve been married?

Maybe a little of both. Ultimately, says one source close to the family, “The only person that can stop Britney is Britney.”

Don’t count on that happening tonight, seeing that tomorrow (December 2) is Brit’s birthday. The clubbing is bound to be off the chain tonight! We just pray we aren’t treated to a new collection of nude Britney Spears pictures come morning. Our guess is that was a one-time deal, but we’re not sure what to expect at this point.