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Sure, Britney Spears had ample reason to dump her husband. He’s a terrible father and a freeloader, not to mention a complete douche who acts all hard when in reality, he’s merely a backup dancer whose much-touted rap debut has sold fewer than 2,000 copies.

But it turns out that Kevin Federline is an even bigger scumbag than T.H. Gossip (and Britney and Sean Preston and even little Jayden James) ever thought.

K. Fed as a Dad

The K-Hole reportedly was having an affair with a former porn star, Kendra Jade (right), a full month before Spears filed for divorce in November.

Federline met Jade, an “exotic dancer” and former porn star, in Las Vegas in December 2005 while Brit was visiting her family and the two stayed in touch ever since.

“Kevin and Kendra had sex at their friends’ apartment multiple times, starting in October,” a source told Star Magazine. “Their friend would phone Kendra and a few other girls to come hang out, and it always ended up with Kevin and Kendra heading off to the spare bedroom!”

Now that K-Fed is a single guy, will he and Jade become a couple?

Not likely, says the source, explaining, “They’re just friends who have sex.”

Sounds like most of Lindsay Lohan‘s friendships.

When contacted for comment, Jade said only, “I’m in a committed relationship.”

We know there is most likely no Britney Spears sex tape in existence, but with K-Fed railing a porn star, one can only wonder if we’ll someday be seeing far more of Kevin Federline than we ever imagined. You can bet your ass that celebrity skin mogul David Hans Schmidt has already picked up the (supremely foul) scent.