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Last week, we learned about an alleged affair between Kevin Federline and Kendra Jade, a chesty brunette and former adult film star. Speculation has been running rampant over whether the pair indeed have a sexual history and whether that played a role in K-Fed’s impending divorce from Britney Spears.

Yesterday, Kendra Jade’s official site contacted T.H. Gossip, informing us of the porn star’s position (heh, heh) on the issue. We’re grateful that Kendra’s people contacted us, but trying to decipher her official statement is like trying to find body mass on Nicole Richie. Hard.

Here’s Kendra’s ambiguous statement:

“I’m disheartened by reputable news outlets, such as CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. I expect real journalists to have the integrity and ethics to verify facts and contact all parties involved before running stories like this.

Kevin Federline and I share the same circle of friends, so it is inevitable that I know him. Perhaps it is my previous career that makes people want to find something salacious.

Most importantly though, there is a family including very young children involved here. I’m sure it’s not easy for anyone in this situation, and I wish them all the peace, love and happiness they deserve… I also wish everyone would be more sensitive instead of trying to create the most sensational headline.”

While taking shots at those who reported her supposedly tawdry affair with Mr. Britney Spears, Jade never issues an actual denial – just vague criticism of the organizations who broke the story. If it were really untrue, wouldn’t you think she would just say so?

And would she mind telling us how, exactly, it’s “inevitable” that K-Fed knows a C-list porn star? The whole thing is very suspicious. Britney Spears sex tape rumors were one thing. This story sure doesn’t seem as fabricated – especially when you see Kendra’s t-shirt below.

It’s one thing to wish Sean Preston and Jayden James the best, but quite another to get boned by their dad. If you’re not a home-wrecker, Kendra, come out and say it. Then we’ll be “sensitive” to you. Otherwise keep a lid on it, girlfriend!