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Alcohol makers across the country should be thanking Dina Lohan today.

As her daughter, Lindsay Lohan, attends AA meetings and cuts down on her spirit consumption, it’s nice to know that the family’s matriarch is picking up the drinking slack.

Dina, 44, was spotted by a cameraman leaving Hyde over the weekend, accompanied by a younger man and the sort of carefree attitude that only an irresponsible mother can possess.

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She unsuccessfully tried to escape the paparazzi by hiding behind a bus shelter on Sunset Boulevard. But it was left to her unidentified friend to utter the following words of wisdom: “We can never come to Hyde.”

Look, Dina, we’ve already given up hope on Lindsay. But can you please keep Ali Lohan in mind the next time you get liquored up in public? The girl is only 12.

And we fear you may already have lost her to Wilmer Valderrama.