Lindsay, Ali Lohan Bring You Nauseating Christmas Album

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The wonderful train wreck Lindsay Lohan and her sister, Aliana Lohan (who goes by Ali) are collaborating to bring you a white trash Christmas album, Lohan Holiday.

It features original songs like the title track and "I Like Christmas," as well as classic tunes like "Winter Wonderland" and "Jingle Bells" and a collaboration with Amy Grant for the song "Santa's Reindeer."

The Lovely Lindsay

Wow, and we thought Paris Hilton's CD (which NO ONE BOUGHT) was the worst album of 2006. Move over Paris, you've got underage, sucky company. The barfing Lindsay Lohan pumpkin we showed you yesterday turned out to be more than mere humor -- it's apt foreshadowing of this album, which is bound to make you ill.

Nonetheless, Ali Lohan is excited.

"I want to write songs, like about girls gossiping in my school," Ali Lohan told the New York Daily News. "Girls talk about girls and those girls talk about other girls and those girls talk about the girls who started it. Then they get in a big fight. But I don't get involved with that."

What has Ali Lohan, 12, she learned from her big sister?

"Don't believe rumors. And don't talk about other people!"

What about screwing everyone in sight? Oh well. Suffice it to day, that crazy Dina Lohan did a good job raising her kids. Hopefully, Ali doesn't party quite as hard as her big sis when she reaches her teen years... and hopefully she gets to have a Rumer Willis-like personal bitch assistant, too.

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