Dina Lohan on Crazed, Loose Daughter: She Should Be Next Angelina Jolie

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No, Lindsay's mom isn't saying her daughter should steal the husband of Jennifer Aniston.

Instead, Dina Lohan believes her skanky offspring should expand her film career into the action genre. Just like a certain Lara Croft portrayer.

Linds in Court

"I would love to see her in an action movie, like an Angelina Jolie movie," Dina tells Star's David Caplan. "I would like to see her in a kickboxing movie. She could do it."

She could also do every guy in a 10-mile radius of herself. She often does.

Meanwhile, Dina - who somehow graces the cover of Boulevard magazine - says Lindsay is still wearing a soft, removable cast on her wrist. Guys everywhere cannot wait until it's off.

On the emotional front, Lindsay is coping with her break-up from Harry Morton.

"They're friends still," Dina said. "They're really sweet. They're so young. And with all of these engagement stories that came out so quickly, it was just too much."

Sounds like a diss to Aaron Carter to us.

Dina said some media reports are "hurtful," and "the whole 'Firecrotch' thing was awful. That hurts."

Not as much as the pain guys experiencing such heat have dealt with. It's a burning sensation.

Mrs. Lohan also spread word that there's another daughter, Ali. Who knew?!? She's gearing up for the Oct. 10 release of her debut solo album, Lohan Holiday.

Lord help us.

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