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We warned the public a couple months ago. Now, one of our worst fears has sort of come true: nude Heather Mills pictures have been found.

Fortunately, they’ve also been returned to Paul McCartney, who we’re guessing was hoping to never see such a bare sight ever again.

Paul McCartney Plays
(Getty Images)

Private photos of the former Beatle and Mills – including one of Mills in a bath wearing nothing but diamond earrings – were found dumped in a British garbage can.

The bizarre find also included pictures of Mills draped in a sheet in bed, with her artificial leg standing in a black stiletto nearby. That’s about as hot as anything involving Anna Nicole Smith.

There are also pictures of McCartney’s special moments with his and Mills’ daughter Beatrice, causing us to wonder what the heck sort of photo album these all emanated from.

Tender photos of McCartney’s first wife, Linda, on holiday in Australia were also in the bags.

“I’m very grateful to [British newspaper] The Sun for getting these pictures back to me,” McCartney said.

So are we. The only thing we wish to see less than Heather Mills naked would be Paris Hilton’s pussy.

Oh, wait. Too late for that.