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Slurring. Slender. Sickly. In the slammer.

Nicole Richie officially can claim all four after her DUI arrest early this morning. T.H. Gossip has obtained her mug shot, which appears below:

Nicole Richie Book Cover

Officers pulled Nicole over on California Highway 134. Actually, she was already pulled over. In the carpool lane. By herself. Talking on the phone. Headed the wrong direction!

Nicole was faded, but not under the influence of alcohol. She was, however, under the influence of weed and prescription drugs, by her own admission.

A law enforcement source tells our counterparts at TMZ that while Richie was at the jail she was “very cooperative and very humble.”

In other words, quite the opposite of Mr. Mel Gibson. More along the lines of Snoop Dogg.

This is not the first brush Nicole Richie has had with substance abuse. In 2003, she pled guilty to heroin possession. The charges were dismissed after she completed probation.

A rep for Richie had no comment. Nicole has reportedly hired celebrity lawyer Howard Weitzman to represent her in this latest incident. The only question on our minds is whether Nicole is a bigger train wreck than Lindsay Lohan.