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It’s one thing for celebrities to sell baby photos. That’s some easy, cute cash, as Britney and K-Fed are trying to earn right now through their Sutton Pierce pictures.

But pregnancy photos? Of just a tubby belly? That reaks of desperation. Why not just apply for a payday loan?

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Maybe some day (soon) she will, but for now, Tori Spelling has now resorted to selling photos of her enlarged tummy to OK! magazine, for a cool $250,000.

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star needs the money, of course, because her riff with mother Candy is partly to blame for not receiving a chunk of her late father’s heritance. But there are signs this fight could be ending.

According to People magazine, Candy is “ecstatic” that Tori is expecting with husband Dean McDermott.

“If Aaron were here, I know how thrilled he would also be to share in such a happy occasion,” Candy said.

He’d probably also be as shocked as we are that there’s a Dustin Diamond sex tape out there.

Tori told the press that she was upset she heard about her father’s death from a friend, and ever since then, the tensions have only been escalating between her and her mom. But a grandchild could change the way Candy thinks of her daughter.

Or at least lead to some cash. Just like Suri Cruise pictures did.