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No wonder Tori Spelling has been so testy lately. Forget her dad’s millions, the actress had no idea when Beverly Hills, 90210 would come out on DVD.

You can finally relax, though, Tori. The only reason you’re even the least bit famous will arrive in stores on November 7. We have no idea what took so long, but count The Gossip among the dozens that’ll line up to purchase Beverly Hills, 90210: The Complete First Season as soon as we can.

We miss the days when Shannen Doherty wasn’t so calm and collected.

The Hollywood Gossip

Equally as exciting is the news that Melrose Place: The Complete First Season will be available on the same day. Expect numerous sick days to be called in across the country on November 8!

While the peak of Melrose Place occurred over ten years ago, Heather Locklear manages to look just as beautiful over a decade later. We’re not sure if we can say the same for Daphne Zuniga.