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Forget Employee of the Month for a moment, Jessica Simpson is the leading vote-getting for Dater of the Month at the moment.

Following her split from Nick Lachey, the part-time actress has had to field a number of questions not about her movie roles, but her bedroom mates.

Jessica Simpson Is 4 Years Sober
Photo via Instagram

Crazy Joe Simpson’s dauhger been romantically connected to a handful of men, from John Mayer to Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, – but Jess doesn’t seem to mind.

“I’m just used to it by now, it’s just kind of a part of my life,” she told a reporter while promoting her new film. “Every guy that gets within five feet of me is automatically linked to me.”

Note to The Gossip staff: Get within five feet of Jessica.

Dane Cook, who knows a thing or two about being linked to the blonde vixen, jokingly added:

“Yeah, she’s been my wife for two years now.”

Just this week, Page Six spies spotted the co-stars “whispering into each other’s ears” and added that Dane “kept coming back to her every time he was pulled away.”

Wow. Stop the presses!

Seems like the only male Simpson has not been linked with is Dustin Diamond in any sex tape. But there’s still time.