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If these 15 celebrities ever need to find a side job, there's one we know they're capable of, if you know what we mean. We mean they are also amateur porn stars.

Some of these stars were famous well before they ventured into amateur porn.

Others are famous simply because of amateur porn (cough ... Kim Kardshian).

Others still try to front like their semi-pro porn is amateur (Farrah Abraham).

All are members of an exclusive club, however. A very dirty, exclusive club.

So whose celebrity sex tapes are totally hot? Whose are totally not? Which are all-time classics and which would you just as soon forget ever existed at all?

Okay, don't answer that last one. But for the previous three questions, it all depends who, and what, you're into and on your personal definition of "hot."

You be the judge, people. You be the judge. Now click away:

15 Celebrity Sex Tape Stars
Before Hugh Hefner and before Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson got freaky on video with an old boyfriend. And she's got a real talent for rodeo.
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Kendra Wilkinson

1. Kendra Wilkinson

Before Hugh Hefner and before Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson got freaky on video with an old boyfriend. And she's got a real talent for rodeo.

Kim Kardashian

2. Kim Kardashian

Need we say more? Ray J hit it first and made her a star.

Paris Hilton

3. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was Kim Kardashian before Kim Kardashian was Kim Kardashian. In other words, she got famous from a guy doing her on camera. She and Kim were also friends once!

Farrah Abraham

4. Farrah Abraham

Okay, there's nothing amateur about getting paid by a porn company to shoot an X-rated video called Backdoor Teen Mom. But she's far from a pro when it comes to everything else.

Pamela Anderson

5. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson's sex tape was one of the first, and most infamous. And hardest core.


6. Octomom

Octomom: Home Alone was the self-pleasure hit of 2012. It may be more pleasurable to hit yourself in the head with a 2x4, but so be it.

Hulk Hogan

7. Hulk Hogan

The Hulk Hogan sex tape with Heather Clem supposedly left him feeling betrayed. He felt incredibly exposed ... literally and otherwise.

Tila Tequila

8. Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila was uncorked on video. And also sort of uncomfortable to look at.

Tami Erin

9. Tami Erin

Tami Erin put the schlong in Pippi Longstocking. Wait, that doesn't make any sense. Whatever.

Leighton Meester

10. Leighton Meester

An old Leighton Meester sex tape rocked the web a few years back. She has talented feet.

Mindy McCready

11. Mindy McCready

Mindy McCready's sex tape was called Baseball Mistress because she had an affair with MLB star Roger Clemens, who was not on the sex tape at all. Some other dude hit it then. That's just funny.

Johnny Carson

12. Johnny Carson

Heeeeeere's Johnny's mono-LOG!

Joe Francis

13. Joe Francis

Girls Gone Wild kingpin Joe Francis was also a sex tape star in his own right, although he kept it from the public ... thank goodness.

Myla Sinanaj

14. Myla Sinanaj

Myla Sinanaj, the girl Kris Humphries dated after Kim Kardashian dumped him, billed herself as the anti-Kim K. Ironic, since she is kind of obsessed with Kim K.

John Edwards

15. John Edwards

A John Edwards-Rielle Hunter sex tape actually existed, a fun (we guess) side note to the sad, shocking sex scandal that torpedoed his career.

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Hulk Hogan wears a thong and swings on a wrecking ball in a new commercial for his website hosting company.

And in even more unexpected news: Hulk Hogan now owns a website hosting company?!?

Yes, apparently, as the former WWE champion mimics Miley Cyrus in an ad Hostamania. Because it has something to do with music, nudity of wrecking balls? Of course not.

Probably because Hogan wants to distract folks from realizing he's been reduced to the owner of a website hosting company, even if it means showing off his 60-year old buttocks. View the commercial now... if you dare:

As for other Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball parodies, we're partial to John Boehner on Miley's body.

It's gross, hilarious and it sends a political message.

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Hulk Hogan has already made quite the impression on the small screen, first in the wrestling ring and then in a sex tape opposite Heather Clem.

But now the former WWE Superstar says he may be headed for a much bigger screen, telling Toronto's Cape Breton Post that a film based on his life is sort of in the works.

"Two kids that are writers in L.A., hot young writers, they did a four-page treatment, and I'm telling you they nailed it -- they nailed it like they were living in my shoes," Hogan says. "And I gave them the green light to go ahead and write the first pass. But that's all it is."

  • Hulk Hogan Red Carpet Image
  • Chris Hemsworth Red Carpet Pic

And if the biopic ever does arrive in theaters? Who might Hogan want to see coming out in the red and yellow to "I Am a Real American?"

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We were wrong. It does get grosser than the Hulk Hogan sex tape.

The former wrestler suffered some seriously grotesque injuries to his hand yesterday when a radiator exploded - and, of course, felt the need to share extreme close-ups of the injury with Twitter followers.

Hulk Hogan at Autograph Signing

We're not exaggerating. These are truly disgusting.

Scroll down now to view the severe burns pics. If you dare...

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Last week, Hulk Hogan won a restraining order against Gawker Media, as a judge ordered the company to remove all material related to the Hulk Hogan sex tape from its site.

There's just one hiccup: Gawker refuses to do so.

Hulk Hogan Talk Show Appearance

The company has taken down a one-minute excerpt from the half hour video, but a 1,400-word narrative about the sex tape remains.

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Thankfully, the Hulk Hogan sex tape will not be coming to a living room near you.

A rep for the wrestling legend confirms that a Florida court has granted Hogan's request for a temporary restraining order that prevents Gawker Media from releasing footage from his bedroom encounter of a few years ago.

That website has grossed out the Internet a few months ago by teasing Hogan's videotaped banging of Heather Clem in 2006.

Terry Bollea Picture

Hogan sued Gawker for $100 in response.

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Hulk Hogan is lawsuit happy these days.

The former wrestling star has already filed a $100 million suit against Gawker for airing footage of the Hulk Hogan sex tape, and now he's seeking $50 million from the Laser Spine Institute.

Hulk Hogan on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Hogan alleges that this Florida-based company royally messed up multiple procedures meant to treat his lumbar spinal abnormalities in 2009.

He adds that the surgeries actually worsened the condition, which was later fixed by a different set of physicians.

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Sadly, we still need to think about the Hulk Hogan sex tape.

While the wrestler dismissed his $100 lawsuit against Gawker in federal court without prejudice last month, TMZ has learned Hogan has now gone ahead and refiled it in Florida state court.

The reason?

Hulk Hogan and His Muscles

This is the same venue in which Hogan has sued Heather Clem, his sex tape co-star, for allegedly playing a role in leaking footage to the public.

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Hulk Hogan is adding another line to his resume.

The former wrestler/reality star/sex tape participant is set to open a restaurant in Tampa Bay this month. It introduce itself to the area via a New Year's Eve blowout.

Terry Bollea

"It's going to be Jimmy Buffett's [Margaritaville] times 10; Hooters times 10," Hogan bragged to The Tampa Bay Times. "It's a logical extension of the Hogan brand, with my image and likeness... In 36 years I've become so tangible to the public, and not just Americans. We have a chance to have an international draw."

Sort of like that Hulk Hogan sex tape. We hear it's huge in Germany.

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