Carrie Underwood, a native of Checotah, Oklahoma, rose to fame when she was named the winner of American Idol Season 4. Then Carrie...

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Is Carrie Underwood pregnant with her first child? No.

But the former American Idol winner is now 31 years old!

A long-time THG favorite, Underwood has been married to Mike Fisher for nearly four years and faced the first criticism of her career in December for portraying Maria on NBC's version of Sound of Music.

But there's denying this beauty's voice or down-to-earth attitude.

She hosts the CMA Awards every year, has a great sense of humor and we totally love her!

Join us in wishing Carrie a happy birthday and pay her tribute below by clicking through 31 photos of the singer:

31 Photos of Carrie Underwood Being Gorgeous and Awesome
Carrie Underwood is incredibly beautiful AND talented. There's little else to say about the superstar.
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Carrie Underwood Concert Photo

1. Carrie Underwood Concert Photo

Carrie Underwood is incredibly beautiful AND talented. There's little else to say about the superstar.

Carrie Underwood is Gorgeous

2. Carrie Underwood is Gorgeous

We adore Carrie Underwood. She's gorgeous and talented and all celebrities should be more like her.

Carrie Underwood CMT Awards Pic

3. Carrie Underwood CMT Awards Pic

Carrie Underwood poses here at the 2013 CMT Awards. She took home Video of the Year at the event.

Carrie Underwood at ACM Awards 2013

4. Carrie Underwood at ACM Awards 2013

Carrie Underwood dazzles at the ACM Awards, not that we would expect anything less.

Carrie Underwood in Marie Claire

5. Carrie Underwood in Marie Claire

Carrie Underwood in the June 2013 issue of Marie Claire.

Carrie Underwood Marie Claire Cover

6. Carrie Underwood Marie Claire Cover

Carrie Underwood in Marie Claire. What a great cover photo.

Another Win for Carrie Underwood

7. Another Win for Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood holding a trophy? This is not an uncommon sight for the superstar.

Carrie Underwood Grammy Pose

8. Carrie Underwood Grammy Pose

Carrie Underwood strikes a beautiful pose here at the Grammys. She also performed at the event.

Carrie Underwood Grammys Dress

9. Carrie Underwood Grammys Dress

Carrie Underwood dons a rather unusual dress for this Grammy performance. It shows moving images!

Carrie Underwood Dress

10. Carrie Underwood Dress

This Carrie Underwood dress blew viewers away at the Grammys. During her performance, projections actually played on it!

Carrie Underwood. at 2013 Grammys

11. Carrie Underwood. at 2013 Grammys

It does not get much more beautiful than Carrie Underwood. Check her out on the Grammys red carpet.

Carrie Underwood is Pretty

12. Carrie Underwood is Pretty

Carrie Underwood is a vision in this photograph. The singer is downright gorgeous.

Carrie Underwood for Allure

13. Carrie Underwood for Allure

Carrie Underwood is downright gorgeous. This is a photo of her from Allure magazine.

It's Carrie!

14. It's Carrie!

Carrie Underwood is forever our dream girl. Great singer too!

Carrie Underwood in Concert

15. Carrie Underwood in Concert

Carrie Underwood belts out a song on stage. In related news: we love her!

Carrie Underwood in NYC

16. Carrie Underwood in NYC

Carrie Underwood belts out a track in this concert pic. Who out there does not adore the singer?

Carrie Underwood Live

17. Carrie Underwood Live

Carrie Underwood belts out a song on stage in this picture. Could you picture her as an American Idol judge?

Carrie Underwood at the CMT Awards

18. Carrie Underwood at the CMT Awards

Carrie Underwood is a THG favorite. She poses here at the 2012 CMT Awards.

Carrie Underwood Glamour Cover

19. Carrie Underwood Glamour Cover

Carrie Underwood covers this issue of Glamour in anticipation of her fourth studio album. It was released in May 2012.

Carrie Underwood on Grammys Stage

20. Carrie Underwood on Grammys Stage

Carrie Underwood flashes a very big smile here at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, as she should: the singer did well for herself that evening.

Carrie Underwood Vegas Cover

21. Carrie Underwood Vegas Cover

What happens in the pages of Vegas, does not stay in the pages of Vegas. Isn't that right, Carrie Underwood?

Beautiful Carrie Underwood Pic

22. Beautiful Carrie Underwood Pic

Carrie Underwood looking absolutely beautiful. As always.

Carrie Underwood, New Hairstyle

23. Carrie Underwood, New Hairstyle

Carrie Underwood's new hairstyle is cute. What do you think of it?

Carrie Underwood Hair Pic

24. Carrie Underwood Hair Pic

This is Carrie Underwood's hair. So beautiful, is it not?

Carrie Underwood on Marriage

25. Carrie Underwood on Marriage

Carrie Underwood opens up on her marriage to Mike Fisher. Somehow Us Weekly got her to agree to this!

The Belle of the Ball

26. The Belle of the Ball

Carrie Underwood is so gorgeous. Look at her in that red dress at the American Country Awards ... just amazing.

Carrie Image

27. Carrie Image

Life is pretty good for Carrie Underwood. She never attends an awards show and leaves empty-handed.

A Winner Again

28. A Winner Again

Carrie Underwood is a guarantee at these award shows. No one else can claim that! Well, except Taylor Swift.

Awesome Underwood

29. Awesome Underwood

Carrie Underwood is more than just an American Idol champion. She's also a Grammy Award-winner.

Object of Desire

30. Object of Desire

No kidding. Carrie Underwood covers the new issue of Elle and goodness, she is one Elle of a beauty. The American Idol winner is both talented and sexy.

Hot Carrie Underwood Photo

31. Hot Carrie Underwood Photo

As if any photo of Carrie Underwood could be classified as anything but. Goodness, she is beautiful. Here she is in Elle magazine.

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Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have been married for almost four years already with no baby bump in sight.

Totally unacceptable to the tabloids!

Carrie Underwood Pregnant; Kelly Clarkson Divorcing?

In an article made up entirely of quotes by people who may or may not actually be friendly with Carrie, Life & Style reports that 2014 will be the year of "baby joy" for the singer.

It's not the worst prediction ever.

Carrie's tour ended last summer and she has some time on her hands after a busy fall hosting the Country Music Awards and starring in The Sound of Music on NBC.

On the same cover Life & Style rehashes the Kelly Clarkson marriage drama that's been reported - but never confirmed - numerous times before.

But isn't that why we love celebrity gossip magazines? "Carrie Underwood Isn't Pregnant and Kelly Clarkson Has A Nice Life" won't sell as many issues ...

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The Sound of Music on NBC is over.

But the sounds of critics across the online universe continue to grow louder.

Following a live stage performance of this iconic musical Thursday night, Carrie Underwood took Twitter on Friday and responded to those who have lashed out over her portrayal of Maria.

"Plain and simple: Mean people need Jesus," the former American Idol champ wrote.

"They will be in my prayers tonight...1 Peter 2:1-25."

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Last night, NBC aired a three-hour live performance of The Sound of Music, the world's most famous and beloved musical of all time, starring Carrie Underwood.

The country star played Maria von Trapp, a role originated onstage by Mary Martin and belonging forever to Julie Andrews, who starred in the 1965 film.

It was a project seemingly destined for failure and ripe with opportunities for public mockery and unflattering comparisons to the original classic.

But was NBC's The Sound of Music really as bad as advertised?

Carrie Underwood in the Sound of Music

Underwood is, by all accounts, a talented singer and a terrific person, and came off as both last night. As an actress, on the other hand, she seemed ...

Pedestrian? Miscast? For many, it was hard to put your finger on.

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CMA Awards hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood tore into ObamaCare during their comedic and musical intro on Wednesday night's telecast.

The duo poked fun at Miley Cyrus, Luke Bryan, and Dolly Parton, but their best jabs may have come at the faulty Affordable Care Act website's expense.

After the country crooner “injured” himself Twerking, Paisley said he might enroll. “I started signing up last Thursday and I’m almost done,” quipped Carrie.

The duo then went on to try getting Paisley signed up for health insurance, launching into a parody song spoofing the ACA's infamously problematic roll-out.

It was pretty funny. Check out the routine below:

Other highlights from the 2013 CMA Awards:

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by Free Britney at

The 2013 CMA Awards featured plenty of memorable moments, but perhaps none more surprising than the stars of Duck Dynasty twerking on stage.

If you can call it that. We're not really sure what that was ... but it was great!

Hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood kicked off the show with a country-fied version of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." Their version? "Duck Blind."

Carrie and Brad's rendition was basically about how great country girls are, and helped served as a perfect introduction for the Robertson family cameo.

You haven't lived until you've seen Willie Robertson sort of twerking.

Willie and brother Jase Robertson then presented the first award.

Follow the link for a full list of 2013 CMA Awards winners from the ABC broadcast, then help us answer the all important, buring question below:

Who's your favorite Robertson, Willie or Jase?


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Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley hosted the CMA Awards for the sixth time Wednesday night, and it seemed like old hat to these country music pros.

Good cop, bad cop is a strategy they've employed before, and they worked it to perfection at the 2013 CMA Awards, with Brad playing bad as usual.

Carrie got in her digs (at Blake Shelton and Obamacare, among other targets), but the bulk of the mostly good-natured verbal shots were fired by Paisley.

Among his top targets? Miley Cyrus stands out, first and foremost.

Yes, the Bangerz singer with a penchant for Twerking came up as Paisley addressed Taylor Swift, who he thanked for being so squeaky-clean and joked:

"I want to thank you from a grateful industry," he said, "for never once humping a teddy bear or gyrating with Beetlejuice. I really appreciate it. I know it's not easy."

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Carrie Underwood performed at the 2013 Emmy Awards on Sunday night, honoring The Beatles and the late President John F. Kennedy, who died in 1963.

She was there to honor the role TV played in the assassination of JFK, and the great rock band performing on The Ed Sullivan Show for the first time.

Both events took place within a few months of each other in 1963-1964.

Don Cheadle presented a moving tribute for the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination (November 22, 1963), then turned his attention to the Fab Four.

Don started JFK’s assassination tribute by saying:

"That [era] was the moment when the television generation came of age. More people got information from TV, such as Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic march."

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In addition NBC's Sunday Night Football theme song, country superstar Carrie Underwood can be seen at the Emmy Awards this Sunday night on CBS.

The six-time Grammy Award winner will perform during a special tribute honoring the 50th anniversary of 1963 television milestones. Why is that significant?

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Picture

Actor Don Cheadle will present a moving tribute to television’s role in assassination coverage of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

He will then connect that event to the legendary performance of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show just 80 days later on February 9, 1964.

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With Faith Hill busy worrying about Tim McGraw being gay, Carrie Underwood took over last night as the voice of Sunday night football on NBC.

The gorgeous Grammy winner and former American Idol championed open the network's coverage of the NFL - specifically this week's Giants/Cowboys game - by telling viewers that she's also been waiting all day for Sunday night, while hitting some impressive high notes and being her generally awesome self.

Compare Carrie's take on the track with the one that ran for six years prior and then vote below:

Which of the artists would you rather... listen to sing about Sunday night football?


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