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Although slightly less omnipresent, Gwyneth Paltrow and her mouth are only slightly less polarizing topics on the Internet than Kim Kardashian nude.

Both are the gifts that keep on giving in terms of generating controversy.

Gwyneth's latest effort that's causing eye rolls and eyebrows raised?

Gwyneth Paltrow Without Makeup

In a recent interview, the 42-year-old actress causes an eye-rolling storm, claiming that she refuses to wear makeup unless she has to, because shudder.

"The morning is definitely not the time when I look in the mirror. I don’t tend to wear much makeup either," she says. "If I’m working, I’ll wear a lot, obviously."

"But in my own life I’m very much a mascara and lip gloss kind of person."

How nice. Of course you are, G.

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Okay, so in all likelihood, Taylor is rocking a "natural" look and is isn't actually 100 percent makeup free, still she's almost unrecognizable on this magazine cover.

Check her out on the new issue of Wonderland ...

Taylor Swift: Wonderland Magazine Photo

Maybe it's because we've become so accustomed to the sight of a glammed-up Taylor over the years, but this pic reminds us of the pop princess' humble roots.

Hard as it is to believe nowadays, music's It Girl of the moment started out as an awkward, somewhat gangly country balladeer from rural Pennsylvania.

It may seem like Taylor just sat for a quick bare-faced session with a magazine that's virtually unheard of stateside, but like everything she does these days, this may have been part of a carefully coordinated effort to allow the singer to maintain control over her public image:

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Lisa Rinna is the latest celebrity to go makeup-free on Instagram.

The latest member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast went online yesterday and posted a a revealing, all-natural selfie, doing so as part of UNICEF's #wakeupcall campaign, which lends support and awareness to children displaced by the civil war in Syria

Lisa Rinna, No Makeup

"I woke up like this' #UNICEF #WakeUpCall," the actress wrote as a caption.

Countless stars, from Demi Lovato to Bethenny Frankel to Kim Kardashian, have posted make-free selfies online over the years.

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You will not even believe what Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks like without makeup. Well, you might believe it, but that doesn't make it any less awesome.

  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley No Makeup
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Movie Premiere Pic

The British supermodel took to Instagram earlier this week with a fresh-faced selfie, and for having just woken up like this ... she looks amazing like this.

And quite well-rested, we have to say.

Sporting a lacy black tank and blond locks tussled around her shoulders, she hopes YOU wake up to some of the violence going on in the Middle East.

UNICEF's global humanitarian version of the #icebucketchallenge called on the public to post morning selfies in hopes of aiding the Syrian crisis. Rosie obliged:

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Kerry Washington has given fans yet another reason to totally and completely be in love with her.

The actress is already talented (watch Scandal online for evidence)... hilarious (see this Modern Family cast photobomb)... and admirably guarded (go look at those photos of her wedding to Nnamdi Asomugha; no wait, sorry, you can't! There are none!)

She's also a pure beauty, as proven once again on the cover of next month's Allure.

Kerry Washington Allure Cover

Washington - who can be seen tonight at 9/8c on ABC as political fixer Olivia Pope - isn't wearing a touch of makeup for the lead photo, which hit the Internet today and which the star herself teased as follows on Twitter:

"What an honor! Thanks @Allure_magazine."

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Beyonce does not need Photoshop or makeup to make a beautiful impression on her followers.

Earlier this month, the superstar posted a couple of unedited bikini photos on her Instagram account in order to show off her naturally slamming body.

She ran the images in order to shoot down talk that she doctored snapshots of herself on a yacht.

Now, Beyonce is back with another look at her natural self, publishing a gorgeous new picture over the weekend online. It features Queen Bey wearing a crown of flowers on her head... but nary a spot of makeup on her face.

Beyonce No Makeup Photo

No caption was included with the photograph because, really, what needs to be said?!?

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You don't hear us say this very often, but here we go:

Well played, Sarah Palin!

A day after getting photographed by the paparazzi on the way home from a workout - sweaty and makeup-free, like a pit bull without lipstick, some might say - Palin took to Facebook to joke about the incident.

"Feel bad for the poor paparazzi hounding outside my truck this morning hoping to capture a tabloid ‘exclusive' of me coming out of Bikram Hot Yoga," she wrote. "How about we take away their ‘exclusive' and I'll give you the photos first, for free!"

The former Vice Presidential candidate then posted the following pictures on her account:

Sarah Palin No Makeup Photos

Pretty savvy, no?

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Candace Cameron Bure has not only joined the makeup-free selfie craze that's become all the rage these days, she's putting everyone else to shame.

The busy mother of three looks like this with no makeup:

Candace Cameron No Makeup

Striking and not easily recognizable, yes, but in a good way.

Take a closer look and you'll see the 38-year-old former Dancing With the Stars competitor and Full House actress is still as fresh-faced as D.J. Tanner.

Almost, anyway. But seriously, was there something in the water the Full House cast drank back in the day. She and John Stamos seem to be aging laterally.

Posing without eye shadow, lipstick or mascara because, her fair-skinned complexion glows. It glows. And in sharing it, she sets a positive example.

Well done, Candace. Very well done. For an encore, we'd love to see Candace Cameron Bruce and Andrea Barber sans makeup next. Make it happen, ladies.

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On the HBO hit Girls, viewers often see Lena Dunham in bed.

But they've still never seen Lena Dunham like this.

The actress, who recently dyed her hair platinum blonde, has taken the no-makeup-photo thing to a new level by posting the following image to Instagram, hilariously writing on Twitter how it's "pretty depressing this look isn't even fueled by one ounce of alcohol."

Lena Dunham in Bed

The 28-year-old star later added:

"Realizing I have some of the very specific physical attributes of a woman on trial for killing her much older husband and that's hard."

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Kim Kardashian may have had some problems with her camera this weekend.

But she had no problem showing fans her all natural look.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star posted a (tiny) picture to Instagram yesterday, writing online after spending time at the San Diego Zoo with her daughter:

"No make up kinda weekend."

Kim Kardashian Without Makeup On

Kardashian has been all about her looks these days.

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