Bella Thorne: Check Out My Boobs and Bad Skin!

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Bella Thorne has been quite the presence on social media lately.

Obviously, Bella's relationship with Scott Disick has brought her a good deal of media attention, but Ms. Thorne has always been an expert on attracting interest.

Case in point: her latest selfie, which checks two major items off the viral Snapchat checklist.

Bella Thorne: No-Makeup Bikini Selfie

We'll start with the obvious:

Bella Thorne's boobs have proven to be reliable traffic generators many times in the past, so it's no great surprise that she's busting them out again.

We've seen so many Bella bikini selfies that it's impossible to keep track of them all, but this one might prove to be among her most popular for reasons that go beyond her prominently displayed breasts.

You see, in addition to showing some serious skin, Bella is hopping aboard the no-makeup selfie bandwagon and her self-deprecation has earned her a tidal wave of support from fans.

The same day that Bella posted the photo above, she tweeted:

“When you cancel your whole day because your skin looks so f***ing bad.”

Bella Thorne Plugs Products

The tweet prompted numerous messages of support from followers, many of whom revealed that they can thoroughly relate to Bella's plight.

But if you're concerned that the 19-year-old is too down on herself, fear not.

She's still got swag to spare. 

On Snapchat, Bella captioned the pic, "Two days of working out and I already look and feel better."

We know the slightest bit of effort can yield major results at that age, and obviously, Bella looks incredible ... but it's unlikely that she's really seeing any noticeable change in her appearance after just two days at the gym.

What's more likely is that Bella looks better because she feels better.

After all, the girl has a lot to smile about these days.

Bella Thorne and Blackbear

In addition to her apparently renewed focus on her health, Bella is dating Blackbear, a 26-year-old hip hop artist who, it's worth noting, is most definitely not Scott Disick.

That fact alone has probably earned him the approval of Bella's family and friends.

“Blackbear and Bella started out as friends but things changed after that nightmare in Cannes with Scott [Disick],” a friend of Bella’s recently told Hollywood Life.

“He was one of the people who boosted her back up. That’s what they bonded over, Scott’s kind of the reason they got serious. Otherwise Bella might not have realized how good Blackbear could be for her.”

We give this relationship a hearty thumbs up.

Did we mention the dude is not Scott Disick?

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