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Kim Zolciak is a wife, a mother of six, and a reality star.

She’s also nearly 40 years old, if you can believe it.

Check out her makeup-free selfie below.

Kim Zolciak Makeup Free Snap

There’s the reality star without makeup!

We don’t mean for this to be a backhanded compliment at all, but Kim Zolciak looks beautiful for a woman who is very nearly 40.

She also looks beautiful, period.

A lot of reality stars like to only show their most carefully manicured selves for the camera — their appearances are key to their brands, folks.

But while that’s absolutely their right, it’s refreshing to be reminded of how gorgeous they can look without makeup.

For contrast, here’s a look at Kim Zolciak, all made up for an interview.

Kim Zolciak BTS on Interview Day

Kim shared this behind-the-scenes photo with an explanatory caption, reflecting upon her life.

"Interview days — my favorite actually! I can’t believe I have been on [television emoji] 10 yrs! WOW"

That’s a whole decade of branding, folks. Most reality stars don’t last that long.

"It’s been so incredible! I’ve learned so much about me, met the love of my entire life, had babies on TV, …"

She contonues her list, including some low points.

"Had surgeries on TV, cried on TV, laughed on TV, got married on TV, moved 3 times on TV, had my first baby graduate on TV, my second baby be sneaky on TV …"

That list of milestones turned into something of a callout post for Ariana Biermann, huh?

No, but that really is an incredible list.

Kim Zolciak Is Topless Again

(Here we see Kim Zolciak topless at the beach on Instagram, which is notably absent from her list of milestones but sitll worth mentioning)

Kim Zolciak then goes on to say that everything has transpired exactly as she foresaw as a teenager.

"I wrote my story in my teens in my journal and it said exactly what I have done for these last 10 [years]!"

Very few people can say the same.

The mother of six then goes on to share what she believes to be the secret (or maybe The Secret) to her success.

"What you think you create. What you believe you receive! The power of our words is really something magnificent. Try it!!"

That’s … helpful from a personal motivation perspective, but kind of a bold claim.

"Negative self talk is still talk, what you speak comes back to you 10 folds like a boomerang! Try it!!! Speak something you dream of into existence!"

Kim Zolciak in a Hat

Say what you will about that being New Age nonsense or about how you’ve been dreaming of world domination since you were 4 years old but have yet to become the benevolent despot you know you were born to be, but … things tend to work out for Kim.

Obviously, her life isn’t perfect — her young son Kash survived a(n accidental) dog bite last year that sent the family and fans into a panic.

And she’s been sidelined recently on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, reduced to a mere "friend of the Housewives."

Reports had her allegedly begging to be a real Real Housewife again.

(She still had Don’t Be Tardy, but that doesn’t have the audience reach or the major paychecks of the Real Housewives franchise)

But maybe there’s something to Kim Zolciak’s whole "speak things into being" thing, because she’s reportedly replacing Kenya Moore.

We’ll see.

Kim Zolciak Winks

Kim Zolciak was born on May 19th, 1978.

This May, she will be 40.

TV career aside, she’s accomplished a lot — she has six children, and her oldest daughter just turned 21.

(Brielle got a gun for her birthday, which was awkward af for a lot of reasons, but Brielle knows that)

How much more will she have done — with her family and her career — by the time that she turns 50? She might be a grandmother by then (zero pressure to Brielle or Ariana, though).

Good odds are that Kim will still look like a total MILF, with or without makeup, in a decade. Just like she does right now.