Dean McDermott Suicide Attempt: FAKED For True Tori Ratings!

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Tori Spelling‘s cheating husband, that narcissistic train wreck Dean McDermott, recently revealed on her reality show True Tori that he wanted to off himself.

The revelation resulted in him being placed on psychiatric hold at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, but a new report suggests it was all BS.

Because True Tori is all fake, or at least it's starting to appear that way.

It's not that McDermott wasn't in rough shape, he just wasn't depressed over cheating on Spelling with Emily Goodhand, as the show made it out to seem.

In reality, sources close to him say, he was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold after hallucinating that he could fly ... following a hard core partying binge.

"He kept telling Tori he could fly, and she was afraid that Dean was going to try and do something crazy, so she sought help for him,” a source told Radar.

“Dean didn’t try to take his own life, nor did he threaten suicide. Tori panicked after Dean came home from a partying binge, and was obviously under the influence."

“At no point has Dean ever wanted to end his life. Of course, after being confronted with the cheating, Dean wishes he lived on another planet, but not dead."

Well played, source.

"From UCLA, Dean was sent off to another facility for further treatment," the insider goes on, noting that "essentially, Dean was at UCLA to detox.”

The reason for deceiving viewers of True Tori all comes down to one thing: Ratings.

“It makes for a better storyline that Dean tried to commit suicide,” the insider said.

“If it was just Dean’s hard core partying, it just wouldn’t have a significant impact. There are also concerns about getting into the depths of Dean’s drug problems because of his career."

"No one out there wants to hire a junkie.”

Or be married to one apparently.


It's called karma Tori!!! You had no problem when YOU were cheating with Dean on his first wife and son. That was ok right? Poor baby!!!


They are both adulterers. Cheaters. And are getting what they deserve...Bet their ex's are enjoying this mess. Leanne Rimes is next....


They are both enmeshed in their relationship and I'm sure are unable and unwilling to get out of it, no matter how destructive it is or becomes. These people need real help, not reel help. Their children deserve their commitment to getting the appropriate help. I just hope at least one of them wakes up and gets this crazyness off the air and into a competent doctor's office.


sick, that entire family is in dire straits, folks!!


McDermott is a low life man whore who not only cheated on his wife, he cheated on their children when he cheated on his wife. As for True Tori, not sure she's faking, but am sure he is because he kept telling her and the marriage counselor/shrink that he didn't know why he cheated; then one of her friends asked him why he did it, he smiled at the guy and said, "Because I thought I could get away with it!" That's the true answer. Everything else he's said to her and the shrink (and just about everyone else) has been a lie. He should have thought about the sadness and tears that will be in his child's eyes when Tori finally kicks him to the curb. It's gonna happen. One can see it coming. And those kids didn't deserve this but are being subjected to it by an egotistical father who can't keep his word or his dick in his pants.

@ lkasdjfo;iwearuoi

Candy said yesterday on THE TALK that they are not broke by any means. Between them they have three shows including the embarrassment they are currently filming. She also said she bought them a house in Malibu. She even said that she would buy her daughter a condo in the building she lives in. In no way do I view Tori as a victim even though she plays the part so well. She and Dean manufactured an image of a magical, fairy tale marriage. I believe that by saying repeatedly that they were SOULMATES they thought that would excuse them for the unsavory way they got together leaving collateral damage in their wake. Almost every time they are seen out they are shopping. Rarely do you see their four children with them. Also, Tori has the best wardrobe possible. Dean, however, never changes his clothes. They need to understand how many people in our country truly live paycheck to paycheck.


Tori seems like she's sunk so deep, she doesn't know how to get out of the sewer. Dean is pathetic, narcissistic liar and if she wants to hold onto him, she deserves the stench and misery he'll inflict on her&innocent kids!


Tori: Are you that hard up for a man. It is called KARMA you never have good luck when you break up a marriage. This 300 pounds of drunk lard that you married. He is nothing but a pimp. Why is he not working on a job?
If he could fly let him. He will kill you or the kids before he kills himself. He is waiting for your mother to die so he can pimp for life. I hope Candy does not leave you a dime & leave her money to the poor. What do you see we the public cannot? He is fat not good looking & bloated from drinking. UGH?

@ carol+hoousendove

I totally agree. They got why they deserved.


These people need money that bad, just get a job like other Americans have to do my goodness these people in these reality shows is sad. I see no point in reality shows. I don't care to know about groupies who is now married to basketball players not getting along or rappers no longer relevant to the industry business sleeping with woman they call trying to make singers out of and other reality shows showing off having the things that is not there's anyway with their family. All reality shows are just crazy and stupid. Get a real life like normal people..

@ Sammy3030

Yet you waste your time to come here and write a LONG comment. pfffttt You care, else you'd not have done that.

@ Sammy3030

You do not care about groupies or reality shows and yet....
Here You Are smh


will wait to hear more before I decide it is fake
real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality

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