Dean McDermott: Cheating on Tori Spelling With Emily Goodhand!

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Dean McDermott cheated on his wife Tori Spelling with Emily Goodhand, according to a new tabloid report citing quotes from the alleged mistress herself.

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    What kills me is that she slept with Dean, ran straight to the media, then removed herself from all social media so she wouldn't get hate messages from Dean's fan's. What a selfless bitch. Or was it purposely done. She knew he was married to Tori, he talked about her. Maybe she thought this was a way to make some quick cash....

    I don't condone what Dean did but if it was true that Tori wasn't having sex with him, a man can only go so long without it. If their marriage was as strong as she claimed, then she would have been putting out to her husband.


    Emily is a pure idiot. How can you make that many babies with a wife if they are not having sex? Shame on Emily for entering into the situation before at least a separation. On the other hand, to Tori - once a cheater...You know when you married Dean that he did not honor vows, so this all - sadly - makes sense. I am just sorry for all those kids mixed up in adults poor decisions. Lastly to Dean - GROW UP! You have children to consider. Keep it in your pants and put your children first.


    So a drunk slob (Emily Goodhand) opened her vag to a married man with 4 small children, and, she hasn't figured herself out to be of ill repute?

    @ Ang

    Karma's a bitch.... Dean met Tori while filming a movie in the States... his wife and young son were in Toronto, they were in the process of adopting a baby daughter. He dumped his wife, son and new daughter to hitch up with a married Tori Spelling.


    Now that the Spelling money well has run dry, he has a difficult time being so loving with her! Bad sign.


    Even with all the plastic surgeries, Tori still looks better.... Dean, seriously? The other chick looks just plain weird. Shame on you! You've hurt those closest to you for a piece of classless, a**.

    @ CT

    How are you finding pictures of Emily Goodhand?
    Have not seen what she looks like.


    Ain't Karma a bitch, Tori? And to the other woman - how could their marriage be sexless when they have 4 young children? And if it was sexless that's no excuse for him to sleep around. Dumb


    Another one bites the dust.


    He not only betrayed her, he betrayed his children as well. Now the family breaks up.


    Wow! That may be the longest sentence I've ever seen, johnny+p!


    Goodhand....that's too easy LOL.

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