Ne-Yo: Chris Brown is a Victim of the Justice System!

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Apparently, Ne-Yo believes Chris Brown is being treated unfairly by the justice system because he's a celebrity. For real. He feels quite strongly about this, too.

Ne-Yo seems like a good guy who's entitled to his opinion.

It's just horribly misguided and absurd. Sorry.

TMZ talked to the R&B star and asked about the embattled Brown, with Ne-Yo quick to point out that the system "likes to make an example out of celebrities."

Seriously man? Do you really believe that?

Let's break it down in case Ne forgot, Yo:

  • Chris Brown beat the $h!t out of Rihanna and only got probation. Not a bad deal for any defendant. All he had to do was stay clean through 2014.
  • Of course, he cannot do this (see Chris Brown-Drake fight, Chris Brown-Frank Ocean brawl, Chris Brown-GMA window beef, etc., etc.)
  • After all of that, he got arrested for assault in D.C. last year, but STILL wasn't jailed because a judge let him go to rehab for anger issues instead.
  • He was kicked out of rehab TWICE.

Sure, being thrown in jail, then flown across the country on Con Air to stand trial is pretty tough, but does really sound like someone who doesn't deserve it?

You're out of bounds, Ne-Yo. Step off.


I pray for people like Britney, they need Jesus way more than Mr. Brown. Its 2014 this is so out of hand. Smh.


All these blogs are here to judge, ridicule, lie, slander and destroy people's lives.. all for the sake of clicks, hits and salacious false made up stories. Guess the Bible was right again. Smh. Chris Brown don't need people with no lives sitting around baiting others to bash him. When will you bloggers GROW UP?


Actually, this is a pretty awful website and Neyo is right! Chris Brown/Drake brawl=Chris sent a bottle of champaign over to Drake and Drake sent a note back saying "I'm f**king your girlfriend." Chris Brown/Frank Ocean brawl=Chris parked in Frank's space and when Chris went to apologize, Frank dissed him. Rihanna incident--Check the facts on D.V. in L.A. They use diversion programs for first time offenders purposely to help them AVOID jail/prison time! "Only" getting probation is the way things are done in L.A. for first time offenders....I used to work in the system there! The fact of the matter is that Chris Brown has been vilified unlike so many white artists (Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, John Lennon, Elvis Presley (Pedophile), Ron Wood, Liza Minnelli, and scores of others who have committed domestic violence but don't seem to attract the same kind of scorn that Chris Brown has years after the incident that landed him in jail. He has a diagnosed mental health issue and shouldn't be treated like a criminal, especially since over 33 % of relationships in the U.S. involve D.V. Most of those people get treatment, genius, and you've just managed to piss a whole bunch of Amerian's off who deal with this issue in their lives, as well as disrespecting RIhanna who has asked the media to stop rehashing this issue over and over! Do some research and have some critical thinking before you post about things you haven't researched!

@ Sean

I believe Ne Yo and this website is full of shiat! Please explain to the world why you think Ne Yo is out of bounds. Shameful article. I don't agree with CB hitting women - but you were only given one side of the story. Off this site as of right now. Disrespectful,

@ Toronto

@sean - sorry I wasn't talking to you - I forgot to say that I totally agree with you 110%


This is absurd.
No, not at that man Ne-Yo, but at this shameful article. /
Very badly written, and what's even worse is that the journalist here is just going against Chris just as much as any other journalist would instead of supporting him into going to seek help for his clear lack of understanding.
I used to like these types of news-letters until I just realised that all of you are pieces of sh*t's.
You don't let this man live. I agree that he is one f*ucked up guy but what's even more fucked up is that you people are supporting the justice system when they do even worse than what this man could ever do. I am a 32 year old female and I believe that this article is a piece of crap and I am definitely NEVER reading from this sh*tty gossip page ever again. Congrats "Free Britney", you're officially trash.


that'why change it.
don't talk...............JUST DO IT!!

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