The Bachelor Spoilers: How Will it End For Juan Pablo?!

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After the shocking events of Tuesday night, Juan Pablo Galavis and The Bachelor Season 18 are down to a mere two women heading into the March 10 finale.

By DEFAULT (Juan Pablo's least favorite word), Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell are still in St. Lucia, pining and yearning to be the hunk's trophy wife.

Who will he choose? And are they engaged, or even together right now?

Questions we'll answer in The Bachelor spoilers below ... if you DARE!

And the Winner is?

Who do you want to win The Bachelor Season 18, Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley? Vote for who you hope gets that final rose ... View Poll ยป

Before we reveal the alleged conclusion, a brief recap of where we stand:

  • At this point, both of the women say they LOVE Juan Pablo.
  • Juan Pablo has probably been inside both of them already.
  • El Bachelor sends mixed signals and kinda doesn't care.
  • Even Chris Harrison says he sort of sucks in this role.
  • He's been dumped twice on the show himself.

All of that said ... his season-ending decision may disappoint. Why?

According to Reality Steve, The Bachelor spoilers king who is right a lot of the time, there IS a final rose given out at the end of the March 10 finale.

No double rejections, no crazy twist. A conventional conclusion.

However, Juan Pablo Galavis is clearly stung by Andi Dorfman's departure and unsure about what he wants at this point, and that plays a major role.

He does make a choice in the end, however, and he picks ...

Nikki Ferrell! The primary frontrunner/villain all season long!

Yes, Nikki Ferrell is your winner of The Bachelor Season 18 and Clare Crawley is out of luck, with Andi set to star as The Bachelorette next summer.

But here's the thing: He DOES NOT PROPOSE to Nikki.

The two left the show as a couple, but with no plans for engagement and no marriage ahead. Juan Pablo played the field and wants to keep playing it.

Maybe he's in a relationship with Nikki now. Probably not.

According to Steve's insiders, this was all about boosting Juan Pablo's profile; he never truly planned on getting hitched or finding a stepmom for Camila.

Given that winners of The Bachelor are kept apart for months until the season finale airs, we're guessing they're not "together" in any real sense.

So there you go. Enjoy the letdown a week from Monday!

Who do you think Juan Pablo should choose - not that he really cares or it matters, really - March 10? Comment below, then see which other Bachelor duos are still together (or not):


I would like to see Andi as the next Bachelorette and Juan Pablo be one of the contestants. Now that I would watch.


I hope both ladies turn him down! Who the hell does he think he is?


I haven't watched all of the seasons but of the ones I've seen JP is the most egotistical phony I've seen. I think he is only in love with himself
and that is probably why he is not with his child's mother. I think all of those girls should have run away after first dates!


This season was a joke.Its was all about him becoming well known so maybe he can get in the movie or modeling business.He had no intentions of marring anyone.Hes a jerk.


My belief is that Juan Pablo did not understand or want to understand that the women on that show TRULY want to find a husband and NOT A BOYFRIEND. While there are never any guarantees that love will be found on the show for the Bachelor and any of the women, a man should never go onto the show without the mind set of finding a woman that he can propose to and develop a relationship with. That is what the show is about....its not the 1970's "Dating Game." I believe that he is still in love with the Mother of his child and will never be happy until he secures that relationship.


Knew 4 months ago that Nikki was the one he chose. But he wasn't thinking of getting married.


I heard 4 months ago that Nikki won but that Juan Pablo didn't really want to get married, so it was all for naught.


I was thinking both ladies would dump him at the alter hoping they recognized he wasn't looking for a wife. Oh well, Nicki can have him, she is just nasty enough to send him packing with some fireworks. As for Claire, she is a hometown girl, hopefully she will find the love she is looking for. Good Luck JP, you are going to need it after this is all said and done.


I was quite disappointed when I found out that he had been selected for the "Bachelor". ABC, please select decent deserving "Bachelors" or else I'll quit watching this show. I think he was there to promote himself (he's very latino, is there for a good time and take advantage of the girls). Nikki is too good for him and he doesn't deserve her. She would never fit with his family - would never work out! Nikki, you don't need to go to this show to find a husband - you are too beautiful...


No to DWTS! No Juan Pablo.... Can't stand him and if he goes on DWTS I won't watch....

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