Andi Dorfman: The Bachelorette 2014?

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Juan Pablo Galavis got dumped in epic fashion Monday by Andi Dorfman, and with that, she looks all but certain to assume the title of The Bachelorette.

On last night's episode of The Bachelor, Andi took herself out of the running before the rose ceremony, sending Clare and Nikki to the final two by default.

This was no tear-filled departure, though. At least not for her.

On The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 9, she referred to the overnight date with Juan Pablo as "a nightmare" and accused him of being "inappropriate."

She also called him out talking about himself all the time, not having real feelings and for his constant "language barrier" defense. It was fantastic.

The nature of her exit, along with the fact that Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley just aren't that likable, makes Andi the frontrunner to be The Bachelorette.

Producers flew her out to talk with her about it, and according to one source, Andi has been chosen by producers as The One, though it's not official yet.

ABC is expected to announce the next Bachelorette during After the Rose Special on March 10, when we also hear from Juan Pablo and his non-fiancee.

At least that's what we're guessing. No way he gets engaged to either one of those two, or if he does, that they're still together as of this taping.

The Bachelor spoilers can shed some light on that one, but either way, it looks like Andi Dorfman will be doling out the roses come this summer on ABC.

A 26-year-old assistant district attorney from Atlanta, she became a fan favorite thanks to her easygoing personality, intelligence and her friendship with Nikki.

Given the way Juan Pablo has already faced some criticism for his behavior on the show, Andi turning the tables on him should only boost her popularity.

What do you think of Andi Dorfman as The Bachelorette? Good choice? Share your comments on last night and her future role in the franchise ...


After the first bachlor I think it was I realized what a cattle call it was and wouldn't let my 2 daughters watch. As a single parent it really threw me off with one guy kissing so many. Or vice versa. My girls are in college now and watch. The one time I follow trough I have to say even though the bachlor had issues he knew he didn't find the right one. It was also interesting that Andi all the sudden had such a turn of heart when he apparently didn't know anything about it. Her departure I was questionable. Very questionable. Wasn't surprised about the pick tonight given what happened but why. She was one of the most unsure and needy persons depicted. Apparently this is what you want from a new bachlorette ready to make a commitment. After all these years this show is still a puzzle and if my two beautiful daughters were cattle on it is really question myself. Entertainment yes. But at what cost. Night.


Renee for the next bachelorette.. she's so sweet and the only one who got along with EVERYONE!!
This Andy girl is so dramatic , since the beginning shes been so needy of Juan Pablo and doubtful of everything. Makes me wonder why she can't find a man in rea life and has to sign up for a show to forcefully make man choose her.
Im so glad her true character came out. I m not a huge fan of Juan Pablo but he was right to say that the argument was a complete let down... if she is arguing now.. can you imagine her as a girlfriend? or a wife? wow


so dramatic... needy... she's obvisouly a psycho girlfriend and her overreacting about their date night was sooooooo over the top. Like the nagging litte bitch girlfriend... and Im a girl and I couldn't take her nagging anymore... If she had any issue with Juan Pablo and the fantasy suite.. she should have open her feraking mouth in the room you bitch!!! wake up... no man likes a bitch who nags about something the next day...
jesus Christ if shes the next bachelorette I feel so sorry for the losers whoa re going to have to date this annoying monkey face girl


She's kinda a jerk. Her job revolves around convicting people for being bad so of course poor Juan Pablo never stood a chance. He's Venezuelan for goodness sake-- they have a different culture... He says "ees okay" and tries to make peace, what the heck is so wrong with that? She's trying to convict him with evidence from a one-nighter that only she has testimony for....leave the guy alone. And I don't want to watch Andi...she barely smiles ever. That's fine and dandy if you're all morose and pissy all the time on your own, but that's not on my list for things I'm dying to watch on television.


I think Dorfman is an excellent choice for the new bachelorette but we must be fair about this, she is jewish and her people do not suggest racial integration but promote it on nationwide TV, so at least two African Americans must exit the limo in the new season in hopes that they may be a future son-in-law to her pompously rude father who showed Juan Pablo no respect.


I think Renee should be the next bachelorette. She is mature and seems like a wonderful person who really wants to find someone. Juan Pablo is a disaster, I hope the show makes a good choice this time around.


Andi will be the man in a relationship.I hope shes not the new bachelorette.


I think Andi is an excellent choice! Everything she said about JP made complete sense! In fact, she said things I was thinking all along; JP was self-absorbed, and shallow, apathetic, with an inability to connect with anyone on an emotional or mental level. In fact when he spoke about any of the women, it was always about so-and-so being "great" or "sexy" or "I really like her"...come on! REALLY?! I noticed it in the Desiree season--I wondered why Desiree kept him around so long because he obviously seemed to put forth no effort with her either. I was so relieved when Andi finally spoke up! Way to go Andi!!

David scott

no ...andi was way too rough and made the "break up" way too drawn out... she should have made it short and sweet...she was acting mean and bitter ...and her tweet was racist actually...making fun of his accent...making him into a stereo type...he is by no means bulletproof, but she undeniably went "extra" on him, and showed a side of herself that is not likable,even though she made a few good points...Charlene should be the next Bachelorette...she showed class the way she did her i would like to see more of what she's about...peace


I think Renee is the best choice! Definitely the most genuine out of the all! I really like her!!

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