Nikki Ferrell has finally, officially, truly, completely moved on from Juan Pablo Galavis.

The winner of that loser's season of The Bachelor shared photos on Instagram today that confirmed the exciting news:

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Juan Pablo Galavis never made Nikki Ferrell his top priority, The Bachelor winner said last night on the red carpet before the live Season 19 premiere.

Host Chris Harrison gushed, as always, that this season “will be unlike anything we have ever seen before," and it was quite literally true Monday.

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Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 9 delved right into some of Deena's issues. Hence the title, "Meatball Problems." If you're a Jersey Shore fan, you get it.

Every episode thus far on the VH1 reality series could have very well been termed "Meathead Problems" in reference to Juan Pablo Galavis, but we digress.

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