Rihanna: Not Surprised By Chris Brown Sex Claim!

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A lot of people were shocked by Chris Brown's claim that he lost his virginity at eight (yes, eight) and is a "beast" in bed because he started so young.

Rihanna is not one of those people.

Chris Brown Thrusting
Rihanna Works The Pole

The singer knows that all of Chris’ practice in the bedroom paid off, according to insiders, and physical intimacy was never an issue in their relationship.

Fists to the face? A different story.

“The fact that he had sex when he was young wasn’t new or a secret to her,” the source says. “She and him had what they had and he was a beast in bed.”

“She loved his sex,” another source close to to the star confirmed, but added, “Too bad he wasn’t a beast when it came to being emotionally secure.”

Whether a source actually said that or not, it might as well be true, given the issues that plagued the duo back in the day and earlier this year.

Jealousy? Insecurity? Tempers flaring? You name it.

Brown being a sex god was never in dispute, fortunately, so they can see eye to eye on something. His skills all date back to the mid-to-late '90s.

Chris told The Guardian that he lost his V-card at eight years old to a girl who was 14 or 15, having grown up watching porn with his older cousins.

"We were already kind of like hot to trot, you know what I’m saying? Like, girls, we weren’t afraid to talk to them; I wasn’t afraid," Breezy recalls.

"So, at eight, being able to do it, it kind of preps you for the long run," he adds, noting that it paid off. "You can be a beast at it. You can be the best at it."

If this report is to be believed, Rihanna isn't questioning his claims that girls who have been with him "can't complain." About his sexual prowess, anyway.

All other complaints re: Brown? Probably still fair game.

Eight-year-old Chris getting it in: true or false?


hey i had sex with my babysitter when i was 12 & she was 16.so, shit happens


rihanna lost the best thing she ever had

@ Dan2



I beilieve him...i am a pro in bed...& most women dont even know what an orgasm actually really feels like...since i was about 6 or 7 i once touched myself down there & found that i really liked the way it felt...i would massage my clit & get an orgasm...later to find i also would get more aroused with womens breasts than an actual man...but ii do believe him...the younger sexual you are...the more advantage you have at been better in bed & knowing how to actually work it & get yours as well...i dont mean to brag but this is true...plus dancers know how to work it well in bed as well...im an awesome dancer from being slow & really sexual to just bouncing nothing but my ass! love ya chris brown!!


I love to see them togather.


please both of u,should come together and resolve d problem,I like seeing d both u together.


These people have no filters. So glad to know all the details, not! Keep it to yourselves.


i love chris brown


He said he lost his virginity at 18! Not 8 -_-


A LOSER'S GAME...............

@ abe

chris brown is sexy and i lost my virginity when i was 9 years old and aint nothing bad about it.


Cray purely based sexual pseudo? DAMN IT- I'm not sure what WTF that is but it damn sure sounds justified! Seldom do you sail in uncharted waters and run up on a reef of untouched,stimulating,intellectual soulful unselfishness, heartfelt open hearted dialog. Personally I have "Brushed up" against that once. She had the most unbelievable brown eyes that I'd ever seen, her skin- 3 shades darker than tan- her spirit felt like warm rain in the heat of the afternoon and when her heavenly scent appeared-with it came her soft spoken words. It would be no stretch to say her smile just about melted me away. Ohio? Yeah- that's it, from O HI O! I'm guessing there were times- in the beginning she needed to make it understood that the depth of the heart was the one thing that needed measuring. That "VOICE" & "DEPTH" was needed to quench her thirst! Yep! That's the way I remember it.

@ I hear ya!

I know it's you S. ;-)

@ Tigerlily

Hah! You recognize that too.
That Fool.

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