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After a fourth week of performances live on ABC, the Dancing With the Stars results are in for the third Monday night elimination of the 17th season.

So who’s the odd man (or woman) out this time around?

Combining both scores from Monday’s episode and public votes from last week, the Dancing With the Stars results show is harder to predict than ever.

With Bill Nye gone, Valerie Harper was on the block.

Six points shy of their nearest competitors last week, it would take a monumental effort from the Mary Tyler Moore Show actress to get back in this.

Was she able to do it? Or did another contestant surprisingly end up on the outs? Follow the jump for this week’s Dancing With the Stars results …


Valerie Harper was given the old heave-ho Monday night.

“It has been absolutely wonderful,” she said, a tear visible.

“Completely unique. Like nothing else in the world you would ever do.”

“And it was an opportunity for me to carry a message to folks, not just with cancer, but with whatever challenge, just like our song tonight.”

“Carry on, carry on. Carrie Ann! Carrie Ann!”

Her partner Tristan MacManus lamented their exit, but said on his way out, “Maybe my life was a little bit better since I met Valerie Harper.”

Valerie added, “It’s really a great thing to get out and dance!”

Did the voters/judges make the right decision?