Scooter Braun Pushes Justin Bieber: Dump Lil Twist!

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Lil Twist is causing a big problem for Justin Bieber.

A day after the teenage rapper was accused of assault against a woman inside Bieber's house, manager Scooter Braun reportedly confronted his client with a seemingly simple request:

Axe this loser from your life.

Justin Bieber Lacks a Shirt
Lil Twist Image

But, as Bieber has done in the past, TMZ sources say he refused Braun's order and the friends/colleagues got into a big fight.

Lil Twist has been a major thorn in Bieber's side for a long time now.

  • He was pulled over for DUI (in Justin's car) last month.
  • He was seen driving recklessly and dangerously around Justin's neighborhood.
  • He got into a car accident (again, in Justin's car) and fled the scene in March.
  • He is allegedly always by Bieber's side any time marijuana is involved.

We asked way back in January: Is Lil Twist bringing Justin Bieber down?

The answer now seems apparent to everyone except Bieber himself.

What do you think Bieber should do about Twist?


Alright I'm defending this kid or anything but damn all he did was grab her arm and she went straight to the cops at like 4 in the morning??? Sounds like a trick looking for a pay day....js.


I just wish Justin would stop wearing those ridiculous diaper pants.


Can you belive this happend again...


These two knuckleheads will be sharing a prison cell down the road, so their relationship runs deep.

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