Amanda Bynes Denied Release From Psychiatric Hospital Following Hearing

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Amanda Bynes tried and failed to secure her release Thursday from the hospital where she has been held under a 5150 psychiatric hold since July 23.

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In a hearing held at the hospital, she argued there was no legal basis to hold her for two more weeks, as a judge ordered once the 72-hour hold lapsed.

The actress' lawyer argued at the hearing that she is making good progress, more than capable of caring for herself and no longer a danger to others. 

She is actually doing a lot better since her doctors began administering a cocktail of medication, though there are clear signs Amanda is schizophrenic.

In the end the judge agreed with the star's doctors, who said Amanda needs to stay in the hospital since her mental health is precarious at best.  

Although she is now on medication, Bynes still does not acknowledge she suffers from a mental illness, which does not bode well for obvious reasons.

Doctors believe there's more than a decent chance she wouldn't take the medication that's helping stabilize her if she's out on her own right now.

Bynes has been hospitalized since starting a driveway fire 10 days ago outside a home in Thousand Oaks, Calif., for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

The 5150 hold lasted three days, then doctors stepped in and got a judge to extend it for two additional weeks so they could properly diagnose her.

What happens once those two weeks are up? Stay tuned.


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