Leah Messer's Daughter Confined to Wheelchair, Teen Mom 2 Star Searching For Answers

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Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer Calvert is struggling to come to grips with a tragedy that struck her family in the form of her daughter's health.

In July, Leah and her husband Jeremy Calvert received the news that little four-year-old Ali’s health has deteriorated, leaving her in a wheelchair.

Leah Messer and Daughters

That forced the growing family - Leah has three daughters, twins with Corey Simms and one with Jeremy - to find a more handicapped accessible one.

“Things went from bad to worse with Ali and it turns out that she could have to be in a wheelchair soon,” a source close to the reality TV star said.

“This is why Leah and Jeremy have to move out of their new house. They need a house without stairs that’s more handicapped accessible for Ali."

"They are also planning on getting a place that allows horses because that will be part of Ali’s therapy. Leah ordered Ali’s wheelchair a few weeks ago."

"So it’s going to be a big adjustment for the entire family.”

Leah Messer has not confirmed the report, but has been vocal on Twitter about the stress of dealing with something, and having unanswered questions:

  • "This week could get worse but then again maybe just maybe some good can come out of it after Wednesday .. So many things left unanswered."
  • "Angry is how I feel... No explanation. I hope this is your will god and someday you can give me an explanation. #NoWords"
  • "This is happening, is it real? I can wake up from this nightmare at anytime now!"
  • "After purchasing our first home together and now moving for the reasons we are is hard to adjust to, but I know it is best for our family!"

The twins' medical problems have been well-documented and serious from day one, but suffering this latest blow will be particularly hard on Leah.

We wish Leah, who co-starred on Teen Mom 2 with Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska, nothing but the best in this tough time.


leah you are a great mother ali is lucky to have you in her life im sorry that this is happening to you my sister and brother in law she wanted a baby for so long she has one now and she adorable but you keep you chin up cause god has a special plan for your daughter i will pray for your family i some sad news my mom has cancer you say a prayer and i will say one for you but god bless you and keep your family safe blessed be


Leah I give you the up most respect for what your doing for your family!!!! I know exactly what your going thru. My mom has custody of my handicapped niece. We have been thru so much with her. I hope everything will work out for your family. And I hope Corey and wife are there to help you and Jeremy. Best wishes to all of you. God will BLESS y'all in the long run. It just takes time and prayers. I will definitely keep y'all in my thoughts and prayers. Best wishes:)


Hi leah my name is sue and iam a teen mum also I gave birth to my daughter at 17teen a son at 19teen divorced and married at 25haveing my last child jeremy at 26 and a nother weird thing is that i also suffer mitochondrial disease which alley has i was dionosoed with it 12 yrs ago very hard to exc


I'm a mom of two beautiful girls, 4 and 2. My four year old Has cerebral palsy and is also in a wheelchair, so I understand what Leah is dealing with. It was really hard learning the struggle that she will have in to go in her lifetime. I'm from Ohio and I actually take my daughter to the same hospital as her! I hope the best for Leah and her beautiful little girls! I hope you get some good news soon


I love Leah, I'm a mum of twin girls too and though mine are 14 now I remember how hard it was being young parents (21 & 19) , we struggled too and are still happily married and 18 years later ! Good on you Leah , you are an awesome parent, and Jeremy is a good guy who'll be by your side forever I'm sure xx


Hi leah messer. I love teen mom 2. You have inspired me. I was a single 18 year old I got told at 8 weeks I was having twins and that's when I first watched the first ever teen mom and I loved to watch it. I would love to talk to someone that had twins and speak about the experience. I come from a big family and my sister has just had her 7 th kid and no twins, so I can't speak to her about things. I feel shame for you and Ali and Aleah as they are so cute I was watching the episode tonight and I was crying to it. You have been so brave. And I am so happy you have met Jeremy as he is so nice and I am so happy you have had an healthy little girl I love her name :) thanks good luck in the future. Xxx


Hi everyone
My name is Mia
I am a 19 year old girl my parents loves me to bits I have a daughter that is 1 and a half. She is so beautiful. her name is Caitlyn and she is too adorable I wish her father who is 20 I wish he could c his daughter.
he says that the child is his but he does nt want to pay child support.
I just tell all you teens that you may think SEX is nice but when you find out you are pregnant you ARE gonna hate urself. so my advise is wait until you are married to have sex and also enjoy life to the fullest and dnt do anything stupid.


Hi people
I am a 16 year old girl and I know the pain that all the teen moms are going true. I am a teen mum myself I found out that I was pregnant on the 02 of December 2012. I was devastated and when I told my Boyfriend he said that he wanted to be involved in my pregnancy. when I was 6 months I discovered that I was having TWINS. My boyfriend said that he wanted us to get married and I agreed, same like Leah I am suffering the consequences I wish I had finished school first. but I am not sorry I have 2 beautiful baby girls named JADE and CHLOE. I really regret my mistake. But all fingers crossed for Ali may she get better and live a perfect life.


Well since mitochondrial dna is recieved from the mother their is a huge chance her new daughter will have thesame disorder. It was irresponisble of her t bring another child into this world not knowing if she was predisposed to having this disorder

@ girl

Yeah! I suppose since we have no idea what Ali has... we can just assume it's Leah's fault. You're a joke, and I suggest you keep comments like that to yourself if you don't want people to call you one...

@ girl

You must not be a parent. She is not selfish at All. I had one child and then my second child was born with some of the same problems leahs daughter has. Doctors still do not know what's wrong with my daughter and is five. You have no clue and you are selfish for even saying that.. If you know so much about genetics google more on it because you need to get your info correct. Every child is a gift one with special needs and one with out. Get a life!


Prayer 4 Ali hope she get better:)Leah stay strong and keep yur head up. Ali been through a lot she's a strong Lil girl keep that in mine! Prayers 4 yur family

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