Justin Bieber Can't Wait for Wife and Kids!

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Justin Bieber is single.

No, he is not dating Selena Gomez and we've heard nothing about Ashley Moore since initial chatter over the model having lunch with the singer.

But Justin tells the latest issue of Life & Style that, although he isn't currently sharing his bed with anyone, he's excited for the day when he's sharing his house with… everyone!

"I can’t wait to have a beautiful wife and little kids running around," Bieber tells the tabloid, though he can't pinpoint exactly when this might happen, adding: “Those things are in God’s hands, not mine.”

Bieber also admits that he's enjoying his youth ("I’m not going to lie. It’s fun to be young, fall in love and be in love“), but  says his mother has instilled in him some important lessons when it comes to the fairer sex:

“My mom taught me how to treat a woman right, so I enjoy taking a girl out and doing nice things for her. Everyone deserves to feel like they are the most special person in the world.”

The singer is also aware that his reputation has taken a hit, but hopes folk can concentrate on his videos, songs and albums going forward.

“Sometimes I think people get distracted … and forget that I’m here to create music,” the singer tells In Touch. “I put everything I have into my music, and I wish people would focus more on that.”


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