Kardashians in Krisis: Who Had the Worst Week?

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No one ever said it was easy to be millionaires with a reality TV show, designer clothing line and five-figure paid appearance fees.

Isn't that right, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian?

These sisters have all had a rough week, starting with a pair of allegations related to the most famous sibling of them all:

  1. Kanye West has his baby mama on lockdown.
  2. Kim's post-baby body rollout plan has totally backfired.

Khloe, meanwhile, is facing new claims from a woman who alleges that she carried on an affair with husband Lamar Odom. Polina Polonsky says it lasts six weeks.

Last, but certainly not least, Kourtney Kardashian may soon face every mother's worst nightmare: someone else as the father of her baby!

Michael Girgenti has filed a paternity suit and is seeking partial custody of three-year old Mason if a DNA test proves he is the child's father.

So, in light of all these family obstacles, we ask: Who had the worst week?


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Kardashians in Krisis: Who Had the Worst Week?
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Poor Khloe. I mean, she's the only girl who's made a respectable decision out of the screwed up bunch. Being an honest married woman who was deceived and effed over by that monster Lamar. The other 2 sisters,are dumber than a pile of brinks. Kourtney is stupid for insisting that Scott is Mason's father,if she ever had a doubt,she could of been honest with Scott. Now she faces the humiliation and lose of respect from Scott and from the public eye. And well Kim. Kim's a whore without a brain,thay needs Kanye or her mother to manage her life..


Khloe definitely has the worst week. Lamar is a dog, if this accusations are true....which I believe they are. I totally dislike him!! Sickening!


I feel for Khloe. I feel she has the worst week because you can't control if your husband cheats. You can however control how much food you put in your mouth while your pregnant and your workout routine after the baby is born. Who cares if you havent lost the baby weight thats normal--welcome to REAL reality Kim. And as far as Kourtneys paternity suit well the girl should have kept her legs shut and only opened them for Scott. Thats what happens when you slut yourself around.


.............scott "The Sick"?
hope so.


Boo hoo hoo hoo. Oh the weave the family of trash has webbed.......LOL!!!!!!


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Dumb ass fame whores hahshahahahaha!

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