Michael Girgenti Files Lawsuit Against Kourtney Kardashian, Seeks CUSTODY of Mason Dash Disick!

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Michael Girgenti is not messing around.

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    The hollywood gossip columnist Hilton Hater is a moron. "Girgenti writes, adding for clarity: "I ejaculated inside [Kourtney's] vagina."" - Then reports that, and I quote "It is true that such an act can sometimes produce a baby."

    Now I'm not a republican senator but I think this is how it is done normally.


    Lol, this dude even has a sex tape, I don't think the odds are in his favor. Watch it if you want to. http://michaelgirgenti.blogspot.com/


    Kim kardashian knows Kanye really Isn't her baby father,,,Kim was never pregnant just like Beyonce faked her pregnancy,,,Does any of the Kardashians know their real baby dadddies,,,Bruce Jenner needs DNA for his two daughters by that whore name Kris

    @ Deelitefulmoon

    My comment went to @angie in error. It was meant for you. Read it.


    People need to leave this family alone they should focus on their success rather than stupid rummer's this could ruin Lil Masons life they should just do the DNA an get it over whit even though I think its stupid because Lil. Mason looks just like his FATHER SCOTT !!!

    @ angie

    You don't know what the hell your saying. What makes you think Kim & Beyonce faked their
    Pregnancy? What do they have to gain by faking a birth? What are you gaining by making false accusations ? Get your facts straight.

    @ Miz Flud

    umm im not a hater, but before this even came out i thought that little boy looks nothing like scott at allll...

    @ Miz Flud

    Sorry that comment was meant for Deelitefulmoon.


    Khloe looks nothing like robert if you look at a picture if alex rolden she looks just like him and he was kris jenners hairdresser i dont think khloe is robert kardashians i mean kris had numerous affairs and makes it quit clear by it. Even if he is cant make her let you see him you have to be present on the birth certificate too and only the mother can choose to put the father i know this my neighbors grandson went through the same thing so hes screwed


    Mason looks Italian-without a doubt and it seems that the kartrasian hores all live in fear of the dreaded DNA test-Kris certainly isn't getting one on Khloe-we all know she has a different father and since Penelope looks just like Scott and Mason sure doesn't it seems that Kourtneys avoidance to a DNA test is telling the Italian what he needs to know and obviously feels and has been pursuing for 3 years now-not just all of a sudden -a man that wants to know and care for his offspring ought to be a least listened too-especially when the mother comes from a huge pile of known liars , and fame drooling scum who would do anything for cash and fame

    @ fatal

    Actually Khloe is the only child that looks like Robert Kardashian.

    @ denise

    Yep. Which proves its all silly fodder for gossip


    Another down on his luck loser trying to collect a paycheck.


    Ahhh shizz, that baby looks just like Scott..No worries..


    The only person I feel sorry for in this case is little mason weather or not Scott is masons father, mason has known him his whole life as his dad could you imagine poor mason having to go through a DNA testing for the sack of a fame Hungary jerk...

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