Kanye West: Kompletely Kontrolling Kim Kardashian?

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Kanye West is not happy with Kim Kardashian at the moment.

The reality star orchestrated a lame (even by her standards) publicity stunt last week when she appeared via video on her mother's talk show, despite teasing earlier in the day on Facebook that she'd be making her first actual appearance since giving birth to North West.

Kanye "thought it was a pretty cheap stunt,” a friend of Kim’s tells In Touch Weekly of the move. “Her fame is a huge bone of contention in their relationship. But fame is in Kim’s blood.”

It's certainly not in West's, however, given his reaction whenever confronted by the paparazzi.

Might that explain why we are yet to see any Kim Kardashian baby photos? Might Kanye simply be disallowing it, insisting on privacy for the new family?

That sounds like a strong possibility, if a source to the couple is to be believed. He/she says of Kanye has installed extra security around the house to lock Kim down, adding of this unusual, seemingly unhealthy relationship:

"She has to do what he says - or else."


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Kanye West: Kompletely Kontrolling Kim Kardashian?
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Kim: We know you read this stuff. PLEASE dump Kanye. He is bad news. I'm guessing that your misery during this pregnancy was primarily because Kanye was being a jerk to you rather than actual pregnancy issues. DUMP HIM.


Remember when Kanye cleaned out her wardrobe and filled it with all his ugly label clothes? She was so subservient. She used to dress beautifully and so elegantly before that. With Kanye she dresses like a trashy gangsta mole. Not classy at all. Surprise, surprise Kim, the world is still revolving without you in the public eye!!! What a relief!


Trash and Trash,plain and simple. Please go away!!!


that must be it Kayne is controlling Kim and she is too afraid to end yet another relationship. I do not see how he can fit in with the family. when he acts like he does around the cameras, when that is their life. I love the family and the show, but after Kayne hit his head on the street sign . I then knew that there is no hope for him. good luck Kim.


The only person trying to control something is the person who is spinning these articles about them. Kanye West in an interview let it be known "Nobody can control his Girl." I guess after Six months go by the articles will stop about pic of North and how she's selling pic but no one knows anything about this but the person writing the article


Kim is a fame whore no doubt but holy hell, Kayne is a controlling psycho if he's telling Kim what they are doing w/their child OR ELSE.
K&K were friends for a decade before he got her knocked up- he knew who, and what, he was getting into


please, both of you losers, just go away. I would not miss your attention seeking asses one bit.

@ GG

Right on GG, you've hit the nail on the head with that remark. Enough of them already!

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