Polina Polonsky Details Lamar Odom Affair, Krazed Khloe Kardashian

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Move over, Jennifer Richardson. There is another mistress in Lamar Odom's life.

Following Richardson's claim that she engaged in a lengthy affair with the husband of Khloe Kardashian (it supposedly included a threesome!), some woman named Polina Polonsky has come out and told Star Magazine the same thing.

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian in a Car

Polina Polonsky, an attorney, says she met Odom June 2 at the Roosevelt hotel and was "under the impression he had left Khloe" because he was residing there.

"He acted completely available and we definitely had a mutual attraction," Polonsky tells Radar Online.

Over the next week, the two flirted, eventually kissed… and then totally had sex on June 13 at Polina's apartment!

Polonsky says she stayed with Odom at the Roosevelt for a couple nights, but Khloe soon found out about the relationship.

In response, she and Kris Jenner supposedly broke down the door of a hotel room in which they believed Odom and Polonsky to be staying.

On June 25, Polonsky alleges that Khloe and Kris even showed up at her home.

“I couldn’t believe they found where I lived and came to my apartment! They were knocking on the door, but Lamar refused to answer."

Polonsky claims she was with Odom for about six weeks and Radar says she has passed a polygraph to verify these accusations. Are you buying them? And can the marriage of Lamar and Khloe survive TWO alleged affairs?!?

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Wth Polina is crazy. Smh hate groupies like them they ruin a happy home. I hope Khloe stays strong and does not listen to these desperate wannabe famous hoes. Whether its true or not I hope Khloe stays strong & Polina loses her job


Polina Polonsky is a homewrecker who works for
Pensanti & Associates
14431 Ventura Blvd #227
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Office: 818-947-7999


Who Cares??

@ lamar

You got that information from the fucking lawyer page on any California lawyer it will give you the address where the firm resides, so this dumb ass that posted this thinks they are smart but they don't have any clue
Get a life


This chick is a hot mess. Khloe is no fool she would not still be with her husband if there was truth to this. Lamar seems like such a smart man in his actions and words I don't think he would be this stupid to risk khloe for this hot mess. No not buying it. Sorry chick you should not of gotten talked into this by some asshole wanting a free ride.


Lamar take a lie detection test also. sorry K this does not look good at all!


Kris would never endanger her manicure in a savage act like that. She might hire someone to do it, but she'd never do it herself. So baloney!!!


Just another case of animal attraction or bestiality ,i am not sure.


Just another case of animal attraction or beastiality,I'm not sure.


Just another case of animal attraction or beastiality,I'm not sure.


Just another case of animal attraction or beastiality,I'm not sure.

@ Jane and Cheetah

I did not cheat on my wife, this bullshit needs to stop. All this media attention doesn't make sense, you guys need to get a life. This is the real Lamar Odom, I rarely do this, but I need to vent, seriously.

@ Lamar Odom

So u are real? Not!!! You know i dont care much bout this but u seem like u really didnt do anything (still think you r fake) so how bout this show khole tht u didnt cheat on her. Also if this is the real u than i want u to know i think ur a nice man

@ Lamar Odom

If this were the real loser (which I very much doubt) you need to stop chasing after TRASH and appreciate what you have. In fact, I HOPE Khloe wakes up and realizes what a scumbag you are and LOSES you . . . FAST