Vicki Gunvalson: Negotiating Real Housewives of Orange County Storylines, Product Integration?

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson is being accused - by Brooks Ayers - of staging the most recent episode of the show.

Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers

Gunvalson‘s ex-boyfriend admitted to a Las Vegas court this week that his one-time lover negotiated her Season 8 contract to appear on the Bravo show..

In her deal, she required that scenes include Vicki's vodka product, which not coincidentally appeared on the show this week, prominently at that.

While scripted drama on "reality" shows is nothing new, blatant use of the programming to shill for one's side products is taking it to a new level.

According to court papers, she guaranteed her Season 8 contract "would include VV (Vicki’s Vodka) as part of the negotiations and product integration.”

Brooks Ayers' confession about the staged RHOC storyline was part of his response to a lawsuit filed against him relating to the vodka business.

The company alleging he breached his contract, failed to live up to good faith dealings, misrepresented himself and conspired to unjustly enrich himself.

During the staged scenes, Vicki proudly talked about her new business venture and Brooks declared the pair were “going to make a lot of money.”

That product placement was brazenly on display as Brooks and Vicki traveled to California’s Napa Valley to sample her new orange and bacon vodkas.

Yes, bacon vodka. Add that to your cocktail recipes list.


Vicki is way too old to wear that white dress, it wasn's even the right size for her. It lookded hideuous. she definitely needs to look in a mirror.she is not 25 years old and she is so jealous of gretchen if is pitiful. She screams at the others and does the same things herself.(deadbeat dead etc.)Heather is so phony. -cant stand her.


It's Bash Miss Piggy and Fat Brooks Vodaka drinking Hour, let the bashing begin !!! Cheer's


What a big fat joke they both are, HA HA, drink some more bacon vodaka she looked gross in that white dress for the party she hosted at her home with all the decorations, Miss Piggy did just that and blew a wad of cash there, I only watch because I like Gretchen , by far the most Beautiful on that show !!!


RHOC would be so much better without Vicki .She is so phony and jealous of Gretchen


Vicky really does look like a Miss Piggy she has really beefed up !!! lmao, and Brooks is slime, her ex-husband Don was wat better looking then this creep !!!


I really hope this show is just for entertainment because Vicky is a loud mouth always causing trouble Tamara jumps back an forth and the girl is a fake

@ Pam Grandin

I totally agree with that comment !!!
The joles on Miss Piggy and Brooks that toothless slime ball, Vicki probably paid for his one's, what a pair they make Vodaka drinking Pigs Woo hoo as Miss Piggy way's !!!

@ Bren

that was supposed to say Jokes, oop's


I wish Vicky would say to Brooks she's willing to remove every one of those damn teeth in his mouth with the pliers. what a tool. both of them


Is that pimply face, wide load at her lying ways again? Whores with business as well as her body? Is that what you are trying to say? She needs to go. Give her a pound of bacon and send her home..wide load looks like she needs to join Tamara's gym. LOL


I would not be surprised of anything that Vicki G. would do, she seems like a little girl that never grew up emotionally. She needs help to come over her problems. It isn't everyone else Vicki,it is you

@ Ellen Smith

Oh how I Love that comment !!!


Rewatching "The Social Edition" Vicki is a bitch. And liar! Also BIGGER SLUT (since I don't use the "C" word)Then Gretchen has ever been.

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