Gretchen Rossi Rips Vicki Gunvalson For Brooks Ayers Relationship, Cheating on Husband

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On Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, Gretchen Rossi reportedly accuses Vicki Gunvalson of cheating on her husband with Brooks Ayers.

Vicki's daughter Briana Wolfsmith triggers a vicious war of words between her mom, Gretchen Rossi and Tamra Barney on the combative reunion special.

The fight was triggered when host Andy Cohen asks Briana about Vicki's relationship with now-beau Brooks Ayers before she was separated from husband Don.

Briana did not hold back.

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"I've known that name for years and never liked him," Briana says, as if her feelings toward Brooks weren't clear already. "He's been around for a long time."

Gretchen Rossi, whose blowouts with Vicki are legendary, weighs in, "You were accusing a lot of stuff with me, wow … I just think it's funny you were so accusatory of me."

"I was!" Vicki snaps. "I was doing nothing of the same things!"

"Why would it be weird? My husband was having an affair for 20 years," she says in her own defense. "This is not the forum to be discussing … he's not an angel."

This spills over into the ongoing Tamra Barney-Vicki Gunvalson feud, as Tamra jumps in, offering to disclose a salacious tidbit about Vicki's vacation hijinks.

Vicki then calls Tamra "disgusting," denying her claims she woke up naked with a man in Cabo ... and so on and so forth. Should make for quality television.

Tell us: Whose side are you on in the RHOC feud?


Brianna is a disgusting little brat. How dare she try to tell her mother whom to date! And Tamra is just a lying, crude little skank. Brianna, Tamra took Brooks hand and placed it on her breast. Remember that?? Are you jealous that Brooks didn't grab you that way?? I hope Vicki lets Brooks move in so you and your drive-thru hubby can try to live in the real world.


Vicki is great and a real worker and fighter, what do the others do, Gretchen and Tamra are awful nasty women


i think vicky is so ugly. she is a bully and fake, look what she did to jeana


Vicki..just seen show..Tamara.askin you to swear on. Brianas unborn child. O.M.G.and then to say yourll got to hell..She is trayler trash..And she has the hands of an old woman..One part the surgen.cart fix.That woman is the true meaning..of those on her side....And yes she did give you the evil eye..


Here in the UK we are behind but I love this program, never have I seen so much trash in my life LOL.....and do these women all go to the same hairdresser? the style is soooo old fashioned.
They are all self serving meglmaniacs but I love 'em.


Vickie u are inovlved with a low life..your daughter Brianna is right,,ur son Michael is right, and ur current enemy Tamra is right,,Brooks is no good and is a sad for you Vickie but dumb this albstoss!!!


It amazes me how much we are all attracted to this childish drama between all these women. I have constantly insisted that this has to be scripted. OMG, ALL of these women (maybe not Heather) are the biggest hippocrites, liars, backstabbing, shallow, one-uppers, FAKE group of people I have ever witnessed. I know we don't see it all, but if what we do see is not scripted, then there are simply no words to explain. I love watching the show, but it is literally unbelievable. Gretchin is the biggest sneak only to lie about it later. Tamera needs to mind her own business and is down right spiteful. Vickie is pure 100% unadulterated STUPID! Alexis is so insecure its pathetic and her claim to Christainity is an insult to any true Christian. I love watching!


Vicky's daughter...whats her sooo nesty, a daughter that treats her mother on live tv like that should be ashamed.......How embarrassing! Aren't you ashamed, I hope Vicky disowns you! Cause you do not deserve a penny of your mom's hard worked for $$$! You should be ashamed of yourself! But you fit right in with the Tamras and Heathers - the true rejects of OC!


This show cracks me up, a bunch of rejects in one room! Love the show!


Donn cheated for 20 years? Uh...Vicki and Donn weren't even married for 20 years. Hate to break the news to you, Vic, but before you married him, it wasn't "cheating", it was "dating". Why did Vicki even marry Donn if he was already "cheating" on her? Her story doesn't add up. Kind of like Brooksie's bank account.

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