Woman Attacked By Gang of Cats: "Not Zombie Apocalypse"

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We all know that cats aren't the most friendly (just check out this cat's indifference to its owner returning), but this story just confirms what we already believed.

Angry cat

A woman in France was out walking her dog last weekend when all of a sudden a roaming gang of street cats attacked her.

No need for knives in this fight, the cats tore the women's limbs like chicken for salad with their claws. They even nicked an artery. An artery!

The dog, being a typical poodle, was useless and had to be treated for injuries by a local veterinarian.

Is this attack a sign of things to come in feline/human relations?

Absolutely not, says veterinarian behaviorist, Valarie Dramard, "Cats are not the new zombies of the apocalypse. They are (very) simply territorial and unfriendly with unknown species."

I realize that Ms. Dramard is likely an educated expert in this field, but I'm calling BS. For one thing, there are 7,167,819,600+ humans on this Earth right this moment. Hardly an unknown species.

As for the poodle? Well I'm sure there are plenty of those as well.

So what we can logically take from this is that this gang of cats wasn't reacting to an unknown species and therefore is the newest wave in the zombie apocalypse.

You have been warned.

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