George Zimmerman Not Guilty: Celebrities React, Nearly Shut Down Twitter

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Minutes after the controversial verdict was announced in the George Zimmerman trial, celebs and common folk alike took to Twitter to sound off.

The case had been a lightning rod for racial and political tension since Trayvon Martin was shot and killed in February 2012, and it showed last night.

George Zimmerman in Courtroom

A jury unanimously found George Zimmerman not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter on Saturday night in a Seminole County Court.

Twitter exploded with reactions - some more sensible than others - all over the country as people tried to make sense of the complex and tragic case.

Below are some of the most notable celebrity Tweets regarding the verdict ...

Chris Brown: Bullshit!

Rihanna: This is the saddest news ever!!! #whatsjustice #pray4theMartinFamily

Sophia Bush: The wind is more than knocked out of me... My heart aches for this boy's family. Justice System? I don't think so. #justicefortrayvon

Donald Trump: Zimmerman is no angel but the lack of evidence and the concept of self-defense, especially in Florida law, gave the jury little other choice

Roddy White: Fucking Zimmerman got away with murder today wow what kind of world do we live in โ€ฆ All them jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid

Michael Moore: Had a gun-toting Trayvon Martin stalked an unarmed George Zimmerman, and then shot him to death... DO I EVEN NEED TO COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE?

Ellen Page: If u really believe racism isnt a massive problem, that the oppression of minorities is not a horrific and systemic issue. U R in denial.

Gabrielle Union: How do we explain this to children? RT @lolaogunnaike: Apparently walking while black is a crime punishable by death. #TrayvonMartin

Anthony Weiner: Keep Trayvon's family in our prayers. Deeply unsatisfying verdict. Trial by jury is our only choice in a democracy.

Trey Songz: Can't even gather words to express my hurt for Trayvon's family. Devastated

John Legend: My heart hurts.

Ja Rule: Wow so a human life don't mean shit in America... they gave me 2 years for just having a gun smh #fuckthesystem

Lena Dunham: No. My heart is with Sybrina Fulton, Rachel Jeantel, everyone who loved Trayvon and has been sent the message that his life didn't matter.

Cory Booker: We must mourn the unnecessary & unjust death of a child, but to honor him we must rededicate ourselves to the very ideals that were violated

Questlove Jenkins: i want to rant but its like 1) i'm preaching to choir 2) this is about trayvon's parents not my anger 3) wont we just forget on sunday morn?

Lance Bass: That he didn't get at least manslaughter blows my mind. Heart hurts for the Martin family.

Lil Wayne: Tampa was amazing but kame bak to my bus and saw da news...ain't shit change, and I may never get to see it do so. I pray 4my kids & yours.

Mario Lopez: Hope people don't misbehave after hearing this verdict... Pray for the Martin family.

Josh Groban: Oh no. Seriously? Crap.

Olivia Wilde: I feel sick.

Andy Cohen: NO JUSTICE.

Mandy Moore: My heart is heavy...for all who knew and loved #TrayvonMartin. His life mattered. This is shameful.

Shaq: George Zimmerman not guilty can u believe that. Wow

Marlon Wayans: They traded us one OJ and a BARACK for a ZIMMERMAN.

Russell Simmons: I know many people are very upset about the verdict, but we must remain peaceful. No matter what, remain peaceful. Prayers for the Martin family ... Only God knows what was on Zimmerman mind but the gun laws and stand your ground laws must change. This is not "only" about race. This is about laws that allow racist acts to go unpunished. We must change laws that promote injustice

Nicki Minaj: And our taxes paid for that trial. We just paid to see a murderer walk free after killing an innocent unarmed little boy. #GodBlessAmerica

Miley Cyrus: I feel sick. #RipTrayvonMartin

Ann Coulter: Hallelujah!

What do you think: Was the correct verdict reached?

Darrel ferreira

Everyone mostly blacks just dont get it . Zimmerman was Latino the media pushed the white racist because they knew it would become a circus and get the biggest. Clown of all. Al sharpton to show up for his own agenda of trying to crucify whites. So he got blacks with media help making it racial and knew his bullshit wouldn't get to the point it did if they reported he was Latino so that wad held until it blew up so bad blacks wouldn't listen to the truth anyways because Latinos and blacks kill eachother all the timend blacks kill whites but no media circus happens and Zimmerman makes a racial comment and is automatically a white racist but treyvalling him a crackn getla deans back for saying nigger it's common in her hood so instead of people seeing it for what it was Latino on black crime and whites were dragged into it because it's more believable but when whites get angry for it were racist and then blacks try to hold the justice system hostage with threats of riots when will you learn it doesn't work you only deateoy your own neighborhoods and never make it to kill whity because your cowards and as soon as you see the national guard and their rifles at whiteys neighborhood you turn around and burn your own homes and loot saying this is for treyvon what does a tv or stereo or any of the shit you steal have to do with honoring treyvon time to stop useing whites as scapegoats and this time it blew up in your faces when you used a Latino nobody owes you nothing Irish and were not better treated then blacks when we first came to america but I as all blacks alive today didn't see those times so get over slavery none of you were slaves and those who were in the civil rights fight are old now and are just as scared of their own kind because the # 1 killer of blacks is blacks thats fact so I don't owe you anything nor does anyone else. Blacks say how their so strong from what they have to go through what is it exactly because strong people don't need affirmative action or a race card to het a job or in college and to say blacks are still not equal get a life the president is black hip hop has made us all come together even to the point white kids from the suburbs wanna be black sports are full of blacks so what more do you want or is crying racisim for being called a word you all call eachother and even allow whites in some of your clicks say it I've seen it tour equal if anything a little better because ne of the whites and their were many killed by blacks after treyvon made news and that was true racisim blaming us for a Latinos crime and if we say a word negative about our horrible president its racist you use that card as a crutch and.excuse and sooner or later whites are gonna get fed up and I will put my $ on whites everytime we shoot better and get along better sorry call it what you want I don't care


There are more butthurt comments this summer and they just keep on rolling. You meatbags need to get over it. If you don't, then fuck you.


All the rules of a trial were followed. The system worked. With the evidence that was provided, justice was served. I think Trayvon was a 6'3" young man with a short fuse. Had he been a little older, he may have been wise enough to read the situation. In other words, he was in a gated community, walking very close to the houses front doors and windows, was black, which sparks fear . Why does this spark fear? Reputations. Zimmerman was uncertain and fearful about what this young may was doing. Sadly, Trayvon who had walked off, turned back to confront and attack Zimmerman , who had also walked to see where Trayvon was located and tragedy occurred. Trayvon started beating Zimmerman and stating he was going to kill him. I also, a small woman would have been terrified and shot to at least, get the guy to stop. Sadly, he was fatally shot but he should have never been there in the first place. Zimmerman did nothing wrong. It was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gated communities are closed for a reason. He had no reason to be there. I would not walk thru one because I don't belong there. Many people are afraid of young , groups of, or black males of many descriptions because of real fear that we will be hurt. There is a lot of hatred of white people and Hispanics for many reasons. Need I point them out? The situation is really sad. We should be able to love one another and celebrate our differences because we are all children of God. I don't know if this will ever happen. Black people , a certain group hate us so much and will continue to do so. Part is because the issue of slavery is still there. It will never go away. Ever. It has become the ultimate excuse. It is so sad. I have skin in the game as I already have great grandchildren in the world. I pray all the time.


wow i can't believe 42% of ppl on this website believe that the verdict was fair...smh. i c we're still in the early 1900's...when will racism end? murder is murder, regardless of color ppl!

@ bree

No dumbass- this is the 21st century in a place where some us refuse to fall victim to the race baiting media such as HLN - CNN-MSNBC -NBC! These communist networks aligned as they are will not succed in poising the remaining Americans that can actually think for themselves. As they use Blacks and young white liberals to scrounge daily as they sell their souls to only satisfy and fulfill the white liberals agenda. Blacks, Gays and protestors alike will continue onward because they are not smart enough to know when smokes being blown up their own useless ass. I realize change is what you strive for but CHANGE- IT AIN'T LOOKING TO MAKE FRIENDS. You think your on the verge of victory? You are on the verge of being extremly disappointed.

@ It ain't happening

Sorry to say, Bree, racism will never end, but people need to learn how to shut the fuck up over some case that should have not brought into trial. It's like watching Judge Alex.

Chuck huskvarna

Here's the best Tweet yet about Trayvon Martin, by Jesse Jackson: "I hate to admit it, but I have reached a stage in my life that if I am walking down a dark street late at night and I see that the person behind me is white, I subconsciously feel relieved."

@ Chuck Huskvarna

I understand! I if ever feel threaten when a white walks up to me. Blacks have a reputation- justified or not they (BLACKS )really need to understand why every other color sees them as a threat! The trial is only a fragment of the problem! Did anyone know this was not a random shooting it was a self defense case.

@ Get a grip

please...let me know why other races c me as a threat. I'm just as educated and more successful than my white friends but because of my skin I'm a threat? racist much? no one has the right to murder someone for walking down the street minding their own business. Treyvon had two options: fight zimmerman and get shot or run away and get shot in the back. Either way he zimmerman was going to murder him because he looked "suspicious" and if he ran away zimmerman, the hero that he was trying to be, would have saw him as a criminal running away. black skin and a hoodie shouldnt make anyone suspicious. ppl that believe that justice was served need to experience wearing black skin late at night while walking down the street minding their business.

@ bree

Bree, you need to stop this pride of yours. I just get the feeling that you give Martin Luther King Jr. a bad name.

@ bree

You've got to be the most ignorant black I've seen today and trust me that Is saying a lot. You know what Trayvon was thinking and also Zimmerman? Damn- Crystal Ball? Could you also look into it and tell me why your people take up 70% of the prison population! How about those black single mothers with no child support- also 70%. Black men can't support? One of the many problems is that blacks will not "Call out" other blacks but your race card playing ass will point the finger. Your people are a train wreck! Not all but 2 damn many! Shot in the back? You fool! Zimmerman did not break the law if he did he would be in jail! If the prosecution would of had- Involuntary manslaughter or recklesss homicide then maybe but the state did not have a case! Try to focus on Chicago or that 16 year old white kid in Florida that was murdered by a black- during the trial of Zimmerman! Did you hear about that? Of course not! The media has open season on white conservatives! You and yours get no sympathy from me.


The thing is im not here to argue about Zimmerman being racist America has always been divided each culture has racial issues within each other but the fact is Zimmerman Killed a Child, there if Zimmerman feared for his life he shouldnt have stalked Trayvon. Idk about Trayvons background he has the right to live Zimmerman was guilty racist or not he was... The problem with the black community is we hate each and kill each other so we only make it hard on ourselves and easy for other people to judge. But if you want to make it about white people being against blacks who give a shit about what white people think stop looking for their approval or anyones approval for that matter. We have to find peace and love within our own culture and creat a strong bond between each other and then we can have peace but if u keep looking for America to stop being racist it will never happen And Trayvon Martin will continue to mean nothing to white America. May Trayvon R.I.P ๐Ÿ’‹

@ Nicole

I agreed and the supporters of Trayvon Martin were jealous because of their attitude and pride, not some skin color that people spew shit on. I know it's tough with having this "issue", but what can we do? Nothing. It's all human nature and it's irreversible. They will never change their minds over some stupid verdict. The whole trial is a waste of time and money, it's Judge Alex material.

@ Nicole

It's human nature to view each side on an immediate basis. Coming from a white person- the minute I see Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson or Q X out of Houston then I AM DONE!!! MY MIND SAYS- Your case has ZERO creditablity. Why are you struggling it's because blacks are creating most of the violence in this country! It's not racist- IT'S A FACT! That's why we look at you! It should not be that way! The only real solid reason a person buys a hand gun is to defend himself! Nobody should walk around feeling like they must defend themselves! 7 bugarlies were in that complex and mostly by blacks! Connect the dots............You are in shock because your Obama media has painted a false picture of Zimmerman. These are the reasons WHITES ARE NOT LISTENING!

@ No need to explain...

sometimes oppression can't be explained. sometimes oppression can't be empathized. unfortunately, this country i filled with people like you that live a privileged life and will never understand how it feels to be followed, judged, and generalized based on your skin.

@ Nicole

i respect and agree with everything that you said


It's really sad that most of you people on here are so racist to pour black community. It's disgusting and almost heart burning. This whole thing was bull shit, he was guilty from the start but of course the whole court was apart of it. I know that God has it in for Zimmerman, hopefully before someone else does. I don't care what none of you say. RACE HAS a major part in this while thing. NO CHILD should die. Zimmerman didn't get beat up, there are no bruises so shut up about that. I as a young black woman can only hope that one day this racism will stop, yet I have high doubts that it will only get worse, and at the end of the day, I will never be racist to any race, but after this weekend I look at some white people in another way because of what a lot of you wrote....but us black people are the bad people. NO we are not.. it's those who've done bad.. you people should really be ashamed of yourselves and hope that God can forgive your racial profiling...that's all smh

@ joyful

You have a good point and you should POINT IT in the direction of Chicago and that bloodbath up there. 92% of black crime is black on black and you sit there and ear screw me about the lone white SHOOTER! If you want to look at something look in the mirror. I didn't give a damn about Zimmerman until I saw the way BLACKS- THE MEDIA- OBAMA- DOJ and many others crucified this man before he ever went to court! There is a reason people racially profile and it's legit! You want to change it? Start by getting rid of your leaders because when I see Al Sharpton speaking for Blacks- I don't listen to another word! Get off the race card- its DESTROYING YOUR PEOPLE! Commit yourself to getting rid of Race Crimes definition because by the time the damn trial is over I no longer think about the actual murder I'm thinking only .... WAS THE GUY ACTUALLY A RACIST? Your people are in a good position right now because WHITE manipulating Liberals are the ones that we really can't stand! They are the poison. They run the media. They are the ones that divide us all!

@ joyful

Our* not pour.. phone mistake sorry


great job they did not gulity.................. right on


great, now you can go murder more blacks you racist pig!




Travon should have went home and greorge definded hisself NOT GUILTY NOT GUILTY NOT GULITY NOT GULITY

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