Chris Brown was born in 1989, which means he can't even buy beer, and he even looks closer to like 11. But man, this R&B singer can...

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Chris Brown was ordered to complete more community labor at his most recent court hearing yesterday, which is both good news and bad news for him.

  • BAD NEWS: He has to do four eight-hour shifts per week.
  • GOOD NEWS: That probably beats solitary confinement.
Chris Brown Jump Suit Photo

The singer has already been locked up numerous times for violations of his probation in the Rihanna assault case, but managed to stay out of jail this time.

Brown, 25, has to complete his remaining hours of community labor - part of his sentence for pounding his then-girlfriend back in 2009 - by January.

And the troubled star got a lot of them left to do, it sounds like.

Typically, community labor sessions last eight hours, and entail picking up trash on the side of the highway or cleaning up graffiti, that sort of thing.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West do have a lot of famous friends, but they were spotted hanging with some unlikely ones at Teyana Taylor's party Monday:

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran!

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran

On the eve of Kim Kardashian's 34th birthday, she joined 'Ye to support Taylor's debut album, VII, which is being released by West's record label.

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown were among those in the crowd, along with Big Sean, Nelly, YG and other big names in the entertainment universe.

West and Brown have collaborated in the past, most notably on his "Deuces" remix, but it's been a while since the last time they were seen hanging out.

Because ... he's Chris Brown?

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Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown are on the rocks again, according to a new report, and it's all because of a hot new artist named Jhene Aiko.

  • Kae
  • Ebola Lover

The aspiring model reportedly suspects the Ebola loving Chris Brown of cheating on her with another woman, and that person is allegedly Aiko.

“She recently accused him of being more than friends with Jhene because he’s been talking to her a lot and texting with her a lot,” a source says.

“Now mind you," the insider goes on, the two are recording together and "all the texts have been about her career and their song together ['Drunk Texting'].”

That being said, the R&B singer actually has been going behind Kae's back with Jhene ... but only to ask him for advice on his romance with Tran!

“Chris has even been talking to her about life and how girls think. He’s even been talking to her about how he can be a better boyfriend," the insider adds.

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Chris Brown is facing some pretty intense backlash for the pro-Ebola tweet he sent out yesterday, but he's not exactly bending over backwards to apologize.

In fact, he appears to be in Defiant Breezy mode.

Chris Brown Salute

If you missed it, Chris Brown's Ebola Tweet stated, "I don't know ... but I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. S**t is getting crazy bruh."

Uhh, okay bruh.

Not shockingly, since he sounds like he's pro-something that has claimed thousands of lives, and many fear will cause a global pandemic, the backlash was swift.

Among the anti-Chris comments included gems like "you believe this based on what evidence? Oh yeah, none" and "Why morons gotta be famous?"

Or, our personal favorite, "You're not a smart person ... at all." Chris appeared to concede that point shortly thereafter, writing "Let me shut my black ass up!"

The angry replies kept piling up, though, and he soon enough, telling people off: "I say what I want. If u don't like it.... "SUCK MY ASS" ( little Asian girl voice)."

Wow. Just wow.

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Chris Brown isn't known for his decision-making skills, so we probably shouldn't be surprised when he says something epically awful on Twitter.

Still, it's hard not to be shocked by the way he keeps topping himself.

Whether he's offering advice to Ray Rice or mocking Drake, Breezy redefines dumb pretty much every time he makes a public statement, and today was no different.

Chris Brown is Shocked

Around 3 this morning, Brown took to Twitter to express his thoughts on Ebola. As you may have guessed, he doesn't have the most enlightened view on the epidemic:

"I don't know...but I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control," Chris tweeted. "Sh-t is getting crazy bruh."

Yeah, file that one under "thoughts you should've kept to yourself," Breezy.

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Chris Brown can relate to Drake right about now.

No, he doesn't know stripper Jhonni Blaze, who accused the “0 To 100" rapper of threatening her life (she later apologized). But he's been down similar roads.

Drake, who she alleged was angrily texting and harassing her over a one-night stand he believed she was going to go public with, might take his advice:


  • Chris M. Brown Photo
  • Drizzy Drake Photo

Brown reportedly said that the story is “just crazy” but that it “doesn’t come as a surprise," having just about "heard it all, seen it all and been through it all."

A source close to Chris says he thinks Drake “listen to [Chris' song] 'Loyal' again and let it marinate because it’s real easy to get caught up out there.”

“You really gotta be more careful out there on the streets,” the insider opines. “Most women are up to no good and as Chris always says, they ain’t loyal.”

And then there's this second bit of  advice ...

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Watch out, Karrueche Tran! Kendall Jenner is coming for your man and she's been on a homewrecking hot streak lately.

Even though there seems to be something going on between Kendall and Justin Bieber, KJ reportedly has her sights set on Chris Brown. And friends say she's crossed the line between infatuation and unhealthy fixation.

"Kendall is obsessed with Chris!" a source tells Us Weekly. Apparently, Kendall developed a thing for the rapper after Brown went clubbing with the Jenners back in July.

Clubbing with Chris, Kylie and Jenner
What an adorable photo of Chris Brown. The singer poses here with Kylie Jennifer and Kris Jenner.

Whatever happened that night must have made quite an impression on Kendall, as friends say she's been hatching plans to cross paths with Breezy ever since.

As difficult as it is to believe Kendall would be so head over heels for a known woman beater, the most far-fetched part of this story is that Kris Jenner is apparently taking an interest in her daughters' upbringing.

"She hates that they're into bad boys," an insider says about Kris' thoughts on her daughters' taste in men.

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Even though Drake and Rihanna broke up back in May, the emo rapper is still pining away for his lost love.

His true emotions were revealed last night during a stop on the Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour in Woodlands, Texas, when Drizzy and Weezy found themselves in an impromptu dance-off.

"I just been listening to too much Breezy lately," Wayne said after busting a move. "I had to do it."

Drake responded with some impressive poppin' and lockin' before saying, "Maybe I should've brought that sh-t out earlier. Maybe I could've made sh-t work with Rihanna."

  • Drake Sad Photo
  • Rihanna Old School Pic
  • Chris Brown Angry Photo

Aubrey was just joking, of course, as the tense love triangle he was once a part of seems to have finally worked itself out.

The longstanding Breezy-Drizzy beef appears to be a thing of the past and, Brown and Drake even spoofed their beef during the ESPY Awards in July.

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Is legally and emotionally troubled R&B singer Chris Brown affiliated with a gang? Specifically the notorious L.A. street toughs known as the Bloods?

Not as he sees it ... but he does have "relationships" with these miscreants.

Brown's relationship with the Bloods in Los Angeles is causing his mother and girlfriend to worry that it may literally be the end of him, as reported earlier.

Chris tells MTV, though, that he's not "involved" for all intents and purposes.

“When you’re in L.A. and you’re around people, you meet everybody .... you meet Crips, you meet Bloods, especially in this industry that I’m in,” he says.

“I’m not in the country world, I’m not in the all-the-way pop world."

Brown reiterates, "[When] you’re in hip-hop, all of that meshes.”

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You may sit down for this: there was violence at a Chris Brown concert!

No, we're not talking about not talking about the guy who got stabbed during Brown's performance last week.

Or the the brawl at Chris' concert earlier this month.

This is an entirely new incident and this time, it was Chris himself perpetrating a shocking act of aggression against a woman. Just like the old days!

Check out the 0:06 mark to see Chris' run-in with a fan turn ugly.

We reported earlier that Karrueche Tran is trying to keep Brown away from gangs, but as this video demonstrates, he's capable of making terrible decisions and getting in trouble all by himself.

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