Justin Bieber Bodyguard Accused of Battery AGAIN

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Seriously, Justin Bieber, if you do not want your picture snapped, stop going out in public.

For the FOURTH time in a week, someone associated with the singer has been accused of battery because others have tried to take photos of Bieber.

Justin Bieber, The Tease

Last week, a couple security team members allegedly went after a paparazzo because he wanted to get Bieber on camera at a skateboard park.

Then, Justin himself was actually caught on camera cursing off a camerman and swiping his SIM card.

Now, TMZ insiders say Bieber and his entourage were at a hooka lounge in Los Angeles when another patron tried to get a photo.

In response, one of Bieber's bodyguards intervened and some kind of fight broke out.

The individual called the police, but Justin and company were gone by the time they arrived.

Details clearly are murky and it's unclear if Bieber was involved at all in this incident - but plenty celebrities across the planet take the risk of being seen and photographed every time they go out. It's a small price to pay for their fame and fortune.

Bieber is one of the few who can't seem to accept this.


I was assaulted by his body guards yesterday in byron bay. Just went for a surf and when I was coming back in Justin bieber pulls up with his crew and body guards.they take him out for a surf and they where pushing him on to wave like a chiled. Then I took a photo of him surfing from the top of the pass lookout and a body guard told me to delete it I told him to mind his own business then a steroid infused body guard came up to the lookout and assaulted me by wrestling my phone out of my hands, he stole my phone, then he deleted the photo, i should of called the police but i dident. the people of byron should run this little boy a his thugs out of town.


To me, this new incident/drama with that Justin Bieber bodyguard is further proof that Justin Bieber is nothing but an overrated, bratty, snot-nosed, spoiled-ass PUNK who's gonna CRASH AND BURN...EVENTUALLY!!!!!


Yeah, that makes sense Hollywood Gossip. He should just stop going out in public. Like Howard Hughes or Michael Jackson perhaps? No, people should stop going up to celebrities and pestering them. It's just rude.


at a hooka lounge? not very healthy to be smoking.




If he would dress like a man he wouldn't be recognized.


this boy doesn't make dissicions of its own, so he can't help it.


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