Justin Bieber Curses Off Cameraman, Steals His Stuff: Caught on Tape!

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It's gonna be hard for Justin Bieber to Tweet his way out of this one.

With assault allegations already looming over his security team from an incident in Miami on Wednesday... TMZ has obtained the audio of ANOTHER altercation between Bieber and a different photographer outside a recording studio around 4 a.m. yesterday.

And it paints Bieber in a terribly negative light, cursing off a reporter; stealing his SIM card; and laughing at his pleas to have the property returned.

Listen now:

In March, Bieber went off on a paparazzo in London, needing to be restrained and positively flipping out at the shutterbug.

Forget driving lessons. Might Justin Bieber be in need of anger management? Sheesh!


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This fool watches too much tv. Takes the Sim card. Send this punk home to Canada. He isnt a kids entertainer by his own choices and at 5'6 he isnt crossing over to the adult markets.


Justin, take good care & 'STOP & THINK' what you are doing right now because if you don't, this will all go away - you have become too cocky, arrogant, wild & losing control!!!!!!!!! It would be a shame if you lose it all, so GROW UP AND BE A RESPONSIBLE YOUNG MAN like you USED TO BE..............GOOD LUCK :)

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Boring, you're trying to make a big deal out of nothing.

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