Nick Lachey Rats Out Kim Kardashian: She Called the Paparazzi!

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Already the center of a new song by Ray J, Kim Kardashian has now been semi-attacked by another former boyfriend.

In an interview with the May issue of Details, Nick Lachey is asked about the reality star's assertion that a date with him in 2006 is what put her on the path to fame.

Forget that pesky little Kim Kardashian sex tape, right?

Pic of Nick Lachey
Pregnant Kim Kardashian in Red

“Let’s just say this," Lachey recalls of that evening out. "We went to a movie. No one followed us there. Somehow - mysteriously - when we left, there were 30 photographers waiting outside.”

So the singer is implying that Kim called the paparazzi and alerted them to the couple's presence... right?

“There are certain ways to play this game, and some people play it well," Lachey says, clearly responding in the affirmative to that question.

The former boy band member and new father previously made headlines this month when joking about the dating lives of others.

He warned young men to stay away from Taylor Swift.


Nick needs to stop talking about everyone. he went from Kim to Taylor to Jessica. Move on Nick. Do you not have a life that you have to talk about others.

Ms billie

Sounds to me like Nick and Ray J both need to grow up and move on. Have I missed something somewhere along the line I haven't heard Kim say anything about either one of these losers. Is this the only way either of them can get any attention from the media, must be..... So sorry you boys are so unimportant, NOT!


I thought when ppl "get over" their past, they get over it. Wow, he must have a movie or something coming out. I wonder did the interviewer ask him questions about his 'wife & child'...or did they just ask about the 'relevant' part of his (past) life?!?! Dang Nick, doing interviews on Kim just to get your name back ringing???? Can we grow up yet. & why talk about ppl that's doing wayyyyy better than you!?


He sure dodged a bullet!

@ able

are you preg.


people who do outstanding achieventments get followers for free.

@ abe

Naw, she dodged that bullet. Who'd wanna date some1 that's gonna call them out?? I know I wouldn't want some1 that would rat me out...on ANYTHING, b/c they're bitter. Like, get over it all!


This happened so long ago. He is correct, she is a famewhore, it's no secret! Nick should be offended that this interview is getting buzz because he mentioned Kim's name. No one is interested I him.

@ MB

This did happen a while ago, & if she's a 'famewhore', then what the h*ll do they call ppl like the "media" for keeping up with them, or ppl like you??!!

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