Amanda Bynes: Kid Cudi is Ugly, Complex is D--k Whipped

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Wayward star and social media mainstay Amanda Bynes outdid herself with the recent Twitter video and rant against Kid Cudi and Complex Magazine.

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The actress' behavior has kept her in the media spotlight lately, despite her self-professed "retirement." And there's never a dull moment on her Twitter.

On Tuesday, Bynes put up a baffling video of herself, then ripped Complex for labeling it an "intricate, faux public breakdown, Joaquin Phoenix-style."

"Stop acting like I'm doing something wrong," she wrote to Complex on Twitter. "I'm obsessed with myself on Twitter. Also, my video last night was perfection."

She then blamed ex-boyfriend Kid Cudi for bad-mouthing her.

"You're d--k-whipped by my ugly ex @ducidniĀ  whose looks and talent have always been questionable to me, him being the ugly duckling that he is and all," she tweeted.

So, basically, to sum up:

  1. Amanda Bynes once dated Kid Cudi, apparently
  2. He's not vagina-murdering material like Drake
  3. She's obsessed with herself on Twitter
  4. She's upset when other people are

Makes perfect sense.

The 27-year-old concluded with one last shot.

"You quote him non-stop, then take professional shots of him for your covers," Bynes told the magazine. "His best photos are s--t compared to my best."

Bam. Served. Joint Kid Cudi/Complex BURN.

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