Nick Lachey Warns: Don't Date Taylor Swift!

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Ouch! Low blow, Nick Lachey!

In a recent interview with MTV, recent interview with MTV, members of 98 Degrees were asked for advice they'd pass along to relatively new boy bands such as One Direction and The Wanted.

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And while his friends gave reasonably helpful suggestions ("Surround yourselves with good people," Jeff Timmons said.), Lachey took to the opportunity to deliver a shot at Taylor Swift.

"Stay away from Taylor Swift!" he joked. "She'll write a song about you... Oh! I'm too late on that one. I didn't get to [that advice] fast enough. [The song will] be a hit, but it will be about you."

Somewhere, Harry Styles is wishing Lachey had passed along those two cents month ago.

In the end, though, Lachey - who was married to Jessica Simpson and therefore knows all about romance in the spotlight - said Styles and company don't need to hear anything he has to say. After all:

"They're making money. They don't need our advice."

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Who does he this he is? Really Nick do you have nothing else better in life but to down other stars... Look at yourself.


Lol at this has been trying to be relevant. Stay out of it nick lachey. How about "don't fade into irrelevancy by being generic and boring like we did."


unless you just wanna talk about lesbians like Pink.

@ abe

What a retard Abe. All your comments are senseless

@ abe

wtf does pink have to with this?

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