Justin Bieber Anne Frank Comment: Inappropriate or Inconsequential?

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Often in trouble for placing his foot too heavily on the gas pedal, Justin Bieber is now facing criticism for sticking said foot in his mouth.

Over the weekend, the singer toured the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam, leaving a message in the guest book that said the historical figure "would have been a belieber."

The Justin Bieber Stare

Many took offense to this comment, expressing disbelief that Bieber would somehow include the icon - who famously hid from Nazis in an attic during World War II - in his fan base.

"She would've been a WHAT?" wrote one Facebook user. "That little idiot is way too full of himself."

Justin performed two shows in the Netherlands and has been silent on the issue, but an insider tells Us Weekly:

"He wasn't trying to be offensive at all. He was really moved by the experience had always wanted to visit. He found it incredibly moving."

How do YOU feel about the latest Justin Bieber scandal? His Anne Frank comment was...


I think that his comment was totally inappropriate! Just because a lot of "tween" and teen age girls think that he is the best thing since slice bread, does not mean that everyone else goes "ga ga" over him! I think that Justin Bieber is as useless as everyone of the Kardashian clan!!!! Who cares about Justin Bieber, the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and others like them?!?!?!?!?!?!


Your taking it out of context. He said he had "hoped she would have been a belieber." I can't believe how media manipulates everything.


please cut the rubbish. It's funny though.....WHO CARES ANYWAY?
the jews?
well, what about SOUTH PARK?


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